Monday 26 December 2011

Winning Commenter

Morning everyone, I hope the red suited fat man was good to you all. We had a wonderful day here and bless my hubby Chris for taking over the kitchen and doing the bulk of the work, not only is he an amazing cook but he’s a pretty amazing dish washer too.

We had tropical temperatures in our home as the heating has decided to do it’s own thing for Christmas and just fires up went it feels like it, the control downstairs had new batteries installed and now doesn’t want to talk to the boiler, out to get yet more batteries today just in case the ones we have are duds, on the plus side we have to keep running up stairs to shut the boiler down so we are working off our Christmas indulgencies.

You remember my daughters card?

Timmy's stocking2

We promised to choose a winner from those that commented to win a little prize from us.

The winner is.

Blogger Daisychain said...

You have certainly inherited your mum's talent that's for sure! You have coloured the image beautifully and you have made it into a stunning card. Well done! Hugs Christine x

19 December 2011 09:57

Christine if you could drop me an email and title it Natalie’s Winner I have a lovely embellishment pack waiting here to send to you.

Thank you everyone for leaving a message on Natalie's card she was thrilled.

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Mad Mary said...

Yes Jak we had a great day here, both sets of parents for lunch so today is a chill out day.
Got lot of crafty stuff so very happy. I just told Douglas what i wanted, he said order it and then he paid for it...That way i get what i want/need.
Well done to Daisychain on winning Natalie's card. Fantastic first card, hope we see more from her.

Mary xx

Daisychain said...

Wow! What a great suprise to see that I have won, thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing what else Natalie creates. Have a great day!

Hugs Christine x

Dawn said...

sorry to hear that your heating is on the blink, ours has done that in the past and it was the 3 way valve that needed replacing, if this helps