Thursday, 27 October 2022

Remembrance Day Display

We always try to do a display at the Flower Shop and I loved making all of the pieces for Remembrance Day to put this one together.

So I started with Poppies making loads but unsure what they were for.
I thought maybe a wreath. It is also pretty lucky that my husband is a dab had at carpentry so I request a free standing cross and of course he obliged.
I needed rocks for around the base of the cross and mine started life as brown packaging paper which I painted then dry brushed to get the effect.
I had them drying all over my kitchen benches.

Once dry they were scrunched up and dry brushed with white paint which worked beautifully

I painted the wooded cross white and added the Lest We Forget and soldiers with black vinyl cut using my electronic cutter.

As you can see it all came together quite nicely.
I just needed to set the scene.
So here it all is in place in the Flower Shop

I added a camouflage net the wreath, some boots and army trousers.

I used up the extra paper poppies on our work bench.

All in all I’m really please how this has turned out.

Saturday, 8 October 2022

Janie Wisht Crochet Doll

I wanted to crochet a doll, she had to be Ragdoll like and I have to say that although very fiddly to make I quite like her.
I don’t think that I would make another as my poor fingers ached like crazy whilst making her.

She is made with cotton yarn which may have contributed to the sore fingers as it doesn’t glide so much and involves lots of pulling and tugging.

I cant say it is inexpensive to make because cotton yarn in colours is very costly in comparison to other yarn but you do get a more rigid torso.

I decided all clothing would be in a softer DK baby yarn and her hair is made with a boucle mohair yarn.
I’ve named her after my Grandmother whose name was actually Jenny but my Dad always called her Janie Wisht which always made her giggle.

Monday, 30 May 2022

A dress for Tilly

Every now and again I like to stretch myself and make something out of the normal, I have been doing crochet for a number of years, mainly blankets, hats and the likes but was desperate to try something different.
That’s where Tilly comes in, she is a friends Granddaughter and is the sweetest little thing ever.
This is her.

I started a dress and I knew she would be the perfect model for it and she didn’t disappoint me, isn’t she just precious.
It is made in DK yarn and has an underfrill attached in white
She is so content, such a good baby.
And utterly scrumptious 
I have another project for her as she needs a Christening shawl, her gown is incredible and sh has a big day ahead of her,
but for the time being I’ll leave her here to melt your heart.

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Sleepy Mouse Crochet.

Once upon a sleepy crochet mouse. I really need an extra large one of these to snuggle up to. 
Time for beddybyes sweet sleepy mouse

The flutterby yarn is so soft and scrumptious, I’ve given the legs safety joints as I remember my own gorgeous teddy had when I was a child, actually if I have to be honest my favourite teddy was a pass me down from my brother who is 11 years my senior and yes it was so loved it was threadbare.

I think this little one needs to be loved just as much as my old teddy bear.

I may have to do a little friend in soft grey for this little one.

Friday, 24 September 2021

Flutter by Unicorn.

With a bit of flutter by yarn a Unicorn is born.
A work friend is expecting her first Grandchild very soon an as they know it will be a little girl I thought this was very fitting. I just love a bit of crochet whilst watching TV, I like to have busy hands.

Such a pretty little thing and so soft and snuggly.

Her mane has sensory locks for the baby to hold, It was hard to give this cutie up haha!

Isn’t she adorable 🥰 I just hope that baby will love her as much as I do.