Thursday 31 January 2013

Looks What’s New

Three Fabulous Chrysanthemums in a set, each digital image come as a separate file so you can either use them as a stand alone image or merge them to create a spectacular corner image.
sub cat

Wednesday 30 January 2013

In an uncertain world

It becomes the normal day to day ins and outs of our world to be as busy as possible at all times, "haven't time to stop and chat right now I'll call you later" you here it all of the time don't you?

You can sit in an office full of people, have a house full of family, sit at a football match surrounded by thousands of people yet you can still feel lonely.

A chat with a cup of tea is what our world craves for. It doesn't have to be important chat, just a good old fashioned natter.

Remember to smile, ask someone today, how are you? Lets get this uncertain world certain again.

take time for you.

Mummus Roses–Mothering Sunday Card

Here we are and already January is nearly gone by in the blink of an eyelid.

As soon as I saw Mummu’s Roses by Mo’s Digital Pencil I thought Mothering Sunday card. I tried to keep it pretty and I think I managed.

mummus roses1

The sweet papers are from a Graphic 45 paper pad and the whole pad is gorgeous A Lady’s Diary.

Image coloured with FlexMarkers by Letraset as I was trying out some new colours, they have some brilliant deals on at the moment.

mummus roses2

Ribbon Carousel is where the ribbons came from.

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Monday 28 January 2013

Colouring Hair–Video Tutorial

I thought that after the skin Tutorial the next this you would need would be a tutorial on colouring Hair. So I sat down and did another video tutorial for you.


I kept to the same image, So Funny by Mo’s Digital Pencil as I figured that some of you may have bought her.


I hope these are of some help to those of you learning to colour.

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Saturday 26 January 2013

Colouring Skin Tutorial–FlexMarker

When it comes to colouring skin FlexMarkers have it covered, the brush tip allows for perfection in blending techniques.

I've made a video tutorial showing step be step how it's done and some still pictures to show the build up of different colours.

Step 1. Colour the whole area with Satin FlexMarker


Step 2. using the Blush FlexMarker go around the hairline, across the cheek area, the bridge of her nose, under her eyes and chin.


Step 3. Use Sunkissed Pink on her cheeks, hairline and in the corners of her eyes.


Step 4. Use Nutmeg to deepen the hairline, just adding the very tip to the corners of her eyes and the crease on her nose.


Image used is So Funny from Mo's Digital Pencil

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Thursday 24 January 2013

Even Doggies Have Birthdays–Don't they?

How many of you celebrate your dogs birthdays? A favourite treat, a new collar, maybe a new coat or even a doggie cake like this one.

Bronte Birthday has it all, a new hat, a new tutu, and even a doggie cake with a bone biscuit topper. You’ll find Bronte Birthday at Mo’s Digital Pencil 

Bronte Birthday1

Coloured with FlexMarkers by Letraset and some pitt chalk pencils.

Ribbon is from Ribbon Carousel along with the flower centers.

Bronte Birthday2


I love the sweet expression, it needs bottling.

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Wednesday 23 January 2013

High Hopes and the Ribbon Carousel Crew are hoppin!

The Ribbon Carousel Crewmates are teaming up with the High Hopes DT to bring you a chillin' blog hop!
For my image I’ve used

Penguin Friends by High Hopes and I used a double ribbon band in Vintage seam binding and a plaid ribbon from Ribbon Carousel 

high hopes1

Although we have made the hop later than planned I think you’ll agree that they are as cute as can be just popping over the top.
high hopes2
Ribbon Carousel have a mega sale going on so be sure to use the coupon code below.
High Hopes sent us some "cool" stamps to play with.  With High Hopes Stamps AND some ribbon and twine from the Ribbon Carousel, we're wowing you today with gorgeous creations!  
Now, lets talk prizes!  

Hop along with us today and leave some blog love for our Ribbon Carousel Crewmates and the High Hopes designers to be eligible to win one of the 2 prizes up for grabs!  We'll select 2 random commenters from 2 randomly selected designer blog, so be sure to spread the love around!

The High Stamps prize is a $25 gift certificate, and the Ribbon Carousel prize is a Ribbon Kit valued at at least $25!

Ready to Hop?!


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Tuesday 22 January 2013

Cricut Mini Review

Lets take a look at the Cricut Mini


For those taking the next step into a cutting machine that cuts shapes and alphabets, apertures and 3d projects, this mini machine packs a big punch.

It’s smart looking so no worries about having it on show, it also sits neatly under my computer desk. the easy step by step wallet that comes with it guides you all of the way through the set up process and even guides you through your first cut on the machine.

Open view, this has a physical cartridge loaded into the machine, You can however buy the download versions to use with the software for the cutter (Cricut Craft Room) and they even include patterns in your purchase.

Cricut mini1

Before you know it you can be a wiz kid on the Cricut, designing layouts and cards.

Cricut mini2

This was my first try at it myself, I made a lattice cut out to overlay a card.

Cricut mini test1

It was so easy to design too, I just loaded the Cricut Craft Room used a shape that I got free with the machine did some copy and pasting and there you have it.

cricut sp

Simple even for a beginner. It even allows you to save your layout for to use at a later time.

All in all I have to say this is an impressive piece of machinery, it cuts quickly and also cleanly and the icing on the cake is that it is relatively quiet.

If I could make a change to it the only change that I would want is to be able to import my own cutting project into it but I believe that they may have this in the pipeline for future updates.

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Flowers by Post

It’s always a joy to receive flowers, even more so when you are least expecting them.
I received from Interflora today and they really are beautiful, I even got Chocolates with them.
I took a close up picture of the velvety deep red roses which make the most Lovely Gifts
I know you are all itching to know who sent them to me but I’m keeping schtum.
Maybe it’s my secret admirer (wink)
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Monday 21 January 2013

How I Roll–Colouring

It’s been a funny old day (Sunday) and I’ve been playing with some colouring techniques, I started my day at 05:45 feeling quite groggy and a little under the weather, so many germs going freely at the moment to anyone who will have them, it started with a headache on Saturday that just wouldn’t go, by Saturday evening I was taking pain killers and taking myself off to bed.

So at early o’clock I started colouring with my FlexMarkers by Letraset, I’m loving the new colours in these, I also love the brush tip that allows the ink to stay wetter longer allowing better blending, I also love that the colours are true and not wishy washy.

So this is what I was colouring. A selection from Mo’s Digital Pencil 


Now as I was a little unwell I ended up back in bed and staying there until around 13:30. I have a wonderful man who made dinner and the went shopping for the weekly groceries while i took more medication and just played with images.

I decided to use Pastel Pencils on top of the FlexMarkers colouring I‘d done, I love that you can do this, I often do it with prisma pencils but I decided to invest in some Faber Castell Pastel Pencils and I love them. I use them with paper blending stumps by Derwent and I’ll thing you’ll agree that they work well.

This is the Tin of pencils that I invested in.

pastel pencils

Feeling a little better now but not managed to make a card I thought you would like to see what I’d been up to.

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Sunday 20 January 2013

What to Draw

There’s nothing better that sitting with a big sheet of blank paper and a pen or pencil, especially if you are young and care free, the imagination just takes over and before you know it you are in your own action packed day dream.

What to Draw from Mo’s Digital Pencil 

I coloured the image with FlexMarkers by Letraset using some of the newly released colours, the Sunset red is a must have, it really makes other reds pop.

what to draw1

You can see the concentration in his little face can’t you?

what to draw2

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Saturday 19 January 2013

Snow Stops Progress

I’m blogging today rather than getting off my butt and pedalling on my bike.

The snow has stopped me for the time being, although very pretty in parts it is not exactly what you would call ideal cycling material.

Last week I did very well, I track my progress on an app called Endomondo, it is great having it all logged because it pushes you to go a little further on your next journey.

Saturday was a stickler however because I took my bike to be set up correctly for me so we were late getting out and because the roads were busy we decided to go off road. I guess you can say too much too soon, the road was too bumpy, I wasn’t sure when I got back if I felt sick because of the pain in my back or sick because I am so unfit and totally out of breath. Too much up bank for a novice like me. I’ve added screen prints from my tracker you can click on them for a bigger picture.

Saturday 12 January

sat jan12th

So Sunday was different, we managed to get out a little earlier and decided to go the coastal route. I knew I had to pop to my mams after the bike ride and half way along the coast road Chris suggested we could cycle there. I manage to cycle most of the route but had to get off for a short while to catch my breath off the incline and to pass through the railway crossings, I did however get back on and pedal the rest of the way to my Mams where I got to rest and have a glass of water.

Sunday 13th January first part.

sun jan13a

So the reason I went to my Mams was I had been having problems with ear ache after I’d been out cycling, I get it when out for a walk or out shopping so I needed something to protect my ears but something that would still allow me to hear.

I put out a please help on Facebook with a knitting pattern to which a couple of nice people are coming to my rescue, mean while my Mam sat up all night making me this. you can see my Mam peeping in the background.

cozy ears

Now although this did the trick, I truly wanted Grey are Black so that is would look like part of the helmet, but at least for now I have a solution.

The knitting pattern came from here

So back to my cycle ride home from Mams.

sun jan13b

So all in all I clocked up over 4 miles on the Sunday.

Now come on weather, sort yourself out, I need to keep this up.

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Thursday 17 January 2013

Dream Team Blog Hop of the Month–Embellishments

It’s that time of the month when the Mo’s Dream Team come together and do a special project to give you a little inspiration and hopefully some Oooo’s and Awes along the way.

Two of Us-015

This months theme is Embellishments and Julie is our host so that is where the hopping starts.

you should have came here from Pops 

I used Cooking Dough C for my image from Mo’s Digital Pencil and I have added six Embellishments 2 pearls, 1 star, 1 flower, 1 pair of baby shoes and 1 ABC blocks, not to mention my ribbon bow in vintage seam binding from Ribbon Carousel 

cookie dough curly1

I just adore the expression on his little face dont you?

cookie dough curly2

I also happen to like scraping the bowl for the scraps of left over mixture.

ABC and ribbon

cookie dough curly3

Baby shoes.

cookie dough curly4

Flower and pearls

cookie dough curly5

Next up is Gretha and she has made something jaw dropping gorgeous to show you.

Don't forget to leave comments along the way as there is a couple of spot prizes on comments left

The blog hop order if you get lost is  Julie, Debby.Y, Heidy, Alice, Debbie, Mina, Pops, Jak, Gretha, Kerttu, Jane,

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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Sympathy Cross

One of those cards that you never want to make but it is important that you do make one to let someone know you are thinking of them.

I’m starting this one with a close up picture of the Spellbinders Cross Die, it doesn’t just have to be sympathy that is is used for, it can be used for loads of different occasions.

Sympathy cross3

I started the cross in a cream card and edged it with some suede coloured ink, I then used twine from Ribbon Carousel bound around the center of the cross I then stamped a spare piece of cream card with a script font stamp then cut one the smaller crosses and distressed it before adding on top with foam pads.

Sympathy cross1

Of course with this type of card the inside sentiment is always of importance so my favourite sentiment was used.

Sympathy cross2

Again using the twine to tie on the smallest of the crosses from the die set.

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