Sunday 13 January 2013

Marker Storage Verdict – Crafters Companion

I finally got my hands on the marker storage by Crafters Companion, having tried so many I was sceptical whether or not this system would work for me but it truly didn’t disappoint me.


However I did want it to store my FlexMarkers by Letraset and as these pens are shorter and fatter than Spectrum Noirs, Copics, Twin Touch etc. I was worried that they may not fit so good.

Actually they did fit perfectly the only issue I had was they where a little difficult to get hold of the ones in the middle to pull them out of the tray.

So my thinking cap came out, I needed something to stop the Markers going to the very back of the tray so that I had a little bit extra to grab hold of.

My answer came from the pound shop

marker storage1

Draft excluder tape, self adhesive and high density cut into little strips and stuck at the back of each compartment, works beautifully.

marker storage3

All neat and tidy and easy to get out.

marker storage4

You can see the excluder tape in each compartment in this picture.

Jak Signature


Lisa Jane said...

oh i love the ingenuity!
Lisa x

Dharla's Hideout said...

Jak Heath rox my sox!!! ;D

Patti J said...

You are so clever! Love your organization, Jak :)

mags said...

A brilliant idea.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! I'm gonna have to save my pennies! :)

fionalawlor said...

What a brilliant idea!! I have all kinds of different pens waiting to be the moment i only have my spectrum noirs in these trays. But now that I have seen all of your Flexmarkers stored beautifully I am inspired and will start saving up to get some more :)
Fiona L x

Tammy said...

Wow Jak, that's a lot of markers! Great storage system!

Sandra H said...

l have these trays and l had the same problem with my new flex markers your right they are shorter and are hard to come out of the trays but what a good idea and l know where to find some not at the pound shop but in my garage thanks for the tip this will keep me busy for a while xx

Merry said...

Clever thinking their Jak....this looks like a wonderful pen holder. Will have to check this out. Thanks for sharing.

Janette said...

Fab idea.xx

doreenj said...

What a good idea, Jak,

Doreen x

Lori m said...

Oh my, how amazing they all look nice and neat, and how much easier to just find the perfect color for your project.

Great idea on the extender using the tape.

Hugs, Lori m

sallysbitz2 said...

I have seen these & could really do with them coz I have so many promarkers now. BUT, i do not have my own craft room, so would have nowhere to keep them at easy reach!! boo hoo.

hugs sally x

Kate Hadfield said...

Oooh, clever! I think I might need these for all my pens too, if I can just find somewhere to put them in my dumping ground of an office! :)

Anonymous said...

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