Saturday 19 January 2013

Snow Stops Progress

I’m blogging today rather than getting off my butt and pedalling on my bike.

The snow has stopped me for the time being, although very pretty in parts it is not exactly what you would call ideal cycling material.

Last week I did very well, I track my progress on an app called Endomondo, it is great having it all logged because it pushes you to go a little further on your next journey.

Saturday was a stickler however because I took my bike to be set up correctly for me so we were late getting out and because the roads were busy we decided to go off road. I guess you can say too much too soon, the road was too bumpy, I wasn’t sure when I got back if I felt sick because of the pain in my back or sick because I am so unfit and totally out of breath. Too much up bank for a novice like me. I’ve added screen prints from my tracker you can click on them for a bigger picture.

Saturday 12 January

sat jan12th

So Sunday was different, we managed to get out a little earlier and decided to go the coastal route. I knew I had to pop to my mams after the bike ride and half way along the coast road Chris suggested we could cycle there. I manage to cycle most of the route but had to get off for a short while to catch my breath off the incline and to pass through the railway crossings, I did however get back on and pedal the rest of the way to my Mams where I got to rest and have a glass of water.

Sunday 13th January first part.

sun jan13a

So the reason I went to my Mams was I had been having problems with ear ache after I’d been out cycling, I get it when out for a walk or out shopping so I needed something to protect my ears but something that would still allow me to hear.

I put out a please help on Facebook with a knitting pattern to which a couple of nice people are coming to my rescue, mean while my Mam sat up all night making me this. you can see my Mam peeping in the background.

cozy ears

Now although this did the trick, I truly wanted Grey are Black so that is would look like part of the helmet, but at least for now I have a solution.

The knitting pattern came from here

So back to my cycle ride home from Mams.

sun jan13b

So all in all I clocked up over 4 miles on the Sunday.

Now come on weather, sort yourself out, I need to keep this up.

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Maryann Laursen said...

I think, you´re doing just great Jak, and don´t push things too much here early on, but let things devellop over time, then I´m sure, you´ll get really far with this.
Just keep up this great work here.

Debbie J said...

Jak -- thanks for the link. Those earmuffs are just what hubby and I need. And congrats on your progress. I know you had to get off the bike for some of the inclines, but when you first make one of those inclines on the bike, the feeling is indescribable. I even wrote in my journal the day I remember feeling on top of the world when I finally conquered the "big hill" on my route. Keep up the good work.

Lisa Jane said...

well done you - you are doing well.. and i think your mums attempt looks fab.
Could you wear a think beanie hat under the helmet?
Lisa x

Tammy said...

Just a little patience and you'll get where you want to be! Spring is coming! What a sweetheart your mother it!

Linda said...

Well done you, can you give me some of your enthusiasim as I am really struggling to get back into the exercise routine.

Lori m said...

Jak you are amazing, I feel like a lug, barely making the hospital walk from parking lot to my husbands room.

Here you're cycling miles, you are a true inspiration.

Hugs, Lori m

Dawn said...

Quite right not to overdo it Jak!You're doing fantastic! Baby steps to begin with & you can grow from there. Take care of your back a you don't want to damage it more!
Your mam has done a great job with your ear warmers too!
Dawn xx

Janette said...

Your doing brilliant Jak but don't go crazy to soon....take it easy...xx

pinky said...

Crikey you are doing so well Jak and will see a difference in no time. Did you try a pair of ear muffs, there would be no bulk under your helmet and your ears would be super cosy:)

sallysbitz2 said...

Well done to you Jak. It's great that your hubby is with you all the way x

hugs sally x

Merry said...

Way to go are doing so well especially since it is so warm. I would find it hard to drag myself out. So can relate to the sore ear in the cold. What a great knitted idea.

Mad Mary said...

Well done Jak, keep up the good work. Bet those earmuffs done the trick for keeping your ears warm on the way home.

Mary x