Monday 21 January 2013

How I Roll–Colouring

It’s been a funny old day (Sunday) and I’ve been playing with some colouring techniques, I started my day at 05:45 feeling quite groggy and a little under the weather, so many germs going freely at the moment to anyone who will have them, it started with a headache on Saturday that just wouldn’t go, by Saturday evening I was taking pain killers and taking myself off to bed.

So at early o’clock I started colouring with my FlexMarkers by Letraset, I’m loving the new colours in these, I also love the brush tip that allows the ink to stay wetter longer allowing better blending, I also love that the colours are true and not wishy washy.

So this is what I was colouring. A selection from Mo’s Digital Pencil 


Now as I was a little unwell I ended up back in bed and staying there until around 13:30. I have a wonderful man who made dinner and the went shopping for the weekly groceries while i took more medication and just played with images.

I decided to use Pastel Pencils on top of the FlexMarkers colouring I‘d done, I love that you can do this, I often do it with prisma pencils but I decided to invest in some Faber Castell Pastel Pencils and I love them. I use them with paper blending stumps by Derwent and I’ll thing you’ll agree that they work well.

This is the Tin of pencils that I invested in.

pastel pencils

Feeling a little better now but not managed to make a card I thought you would like to see what I’d been up to.

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Turtle In The Sand said...

So sorry to hear you are so sick Jak. No matter what country you live in everyone seems to be suffering from this yucky flu. The world is indeed a small place. I just love the colors in your coloring pages. I have never tried the Letraset. Copic fanatic here. How do the Faber Castel's compare to the Prisma's. I love the Prisma's, but they are so soft they keep braking and I loose half the pencil trying to sharpen them. (I know they probably were dropped at some time or other)

Feel better soon Jak. God Bless your loving husband too.

doreenj said...

I think everyone has had the lurgy at some time over the Christmas period, Jak. Keep warm and I hope you are feeling a little better today,


Doreen x

Linda said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling a bit under the weather and hope you feel better soon. The dreaded lurgy has made it ways to the desert and made a beeline for darling hubby. Oh the joys of manflu ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry your not feeling to good Jak.
My son and I had it all over Christmas,really not nice.
Hope you`ll soon be feeling better,Take care

Sian xxxx

Maryann Laursen said...

So sorry to hear, you´re not well Jak. I´ve been lucky and gone free of it sofar (knock under the table here LOL), but many has been really sick around here too from that dreaded flu.
Your coloring is absilutely gorgeous as always hun, and I´m so jealous. I really wish, there was some classes around here sometimes, where we could learn to color, but there´s nothing here at all ever, so will just have to keep on trying on my own, but it would probably be really good to learn something about techniques there too. And this is unfortunately not my strong side, even I love the finished result, when you giorls are coloring images and wish I could be just as good some time LOL.

sallysbitz2 said...

Oh dear Jak, sorry to read you are feeling under the weather!

I treated myself to set 1 & 2 of the flexmarkers, they are lovely, just got to work out what works well with my promarkers.
I have just ordered set 3 & 4 too.

your colouring is stunning Jak x

hugs sally x

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic colouring Jak, you just make sure you get yourself well, keep nice and cosy.

Mary x

Trish said...

Lovely colouring. Hope you are feeling better now

Linda Simpson said...

Good Morning Jak, I hope you are feeling a lot better today. Gorgeous colours you have used and I am a big Copic's fan too. I never thought to add pencils on top of alcohol markers before. I have a wooden box full of beautiful watercolour pencils from hubby which I used all the time until I got my Copics. I must bring them out and have a play when I get the time.

Crafty Hugs
Linda xxx

Merry said...

So great to see how you colour and I love all the marks around the edges. I hope you are on the mend now.