Monday 28 January 2013

Colouring Hair–Video Tutorial

I thought that after the skin Tutorial the next this you would need would be a tutorial on colouring Hair. So I sat down and did another video tutorial for you.


I kept to the same image, So Funny by Mo’s Digital Pencil as I figured that some of you may have bought her.


I hope these are of some help to those of you learning to colour.

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Dawn said...

Aha! Thanks fr that Jak! I hope you'll all see an improvement in my colouring shortly!
Wish I could stay at home & practice but hey ho work is calling!
Have a good day!
Dawn xx

Hamrow said...

Thanks Jak, another useful tut. Really appreciate this. The shading is the part that makes the colouring look so good. One of these days I might get somewhere nearly as good as you.

Eve xxx

Trish said...

Thanks for another good lesson, Jak

Penny said...

Thank you Jak for the Tutorials I find them so useful, so much is achieved by colouring properly, they are brilliant.

Penny x

Unknown said...

Thanks for these tut Jak, luv the fleximarkers.
Chris x

Linda Simpson said...

Great tutorial Jak! Thank you

Linda xxx

Tammy said...

Thanks for another great tutorial! I always learning something!!

Mote said...

Jak, what kind of paper do you use for this markers?

Maryann Laursen said...

Thanks sooo much for another great tutorial here again hn. I do have a question thoug. I´ve always heard, that no matter what markers or pencils you´re using, ALWAYS use the lightest color first and then build up the colors as wego, and you said that too in the ast video with the skin, but here you always used the darkest first??? Why did you do that???
Yjamls sooooo much for taking the time to make these, I really apreciate that, as there´s nowhere here, where I can learn how to color.

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic Jak, i really must get my pens out soon and play. You are so kind to share your tutorials with us.

Mary xx

Beryl Martin said...

Very useful tips Jak.xx

Beryl Martin said...

Very useful thanks Jak.xxxx