Tuesday 22 January 2013

Cricut Mini Review

Lets take a look at the Cricut Mini


For those taking the next step into a cutting machine that cuts shapes and alphabets, apertures and 3d projects, this mini machine packs a big punch.

It’s smart looking so no worries about having it on show, it also sits neatly under my computer desk. the easy step by step wallet that comes with it guides you all of the way through the set up process and even guides you through your first cut on the machine.

Open view, this has a physical cartridge loaded into the machine, You can however buy the download versions to use with the software for the cutter (Cricut Craft Room) and they even include patterns in your purchase.

Cricut mini1

Before you know it you can be a wiz kid on the Cricut, designing layouts and cards.

Cricut mini2

This was my first try at it myself, I made a lattice cut out to overlay a card.

Cricut mini test1

It was so easy to design too, I just loaded the Cricut Craft Room used a shape that I got free with the machine did some copy and pasting and there you have it.

cricut sp

Simple even for a beginner. It even allows you to save your layout for to use at a later time.

All in all I have to say this is an impressive piece of machinery, it cuts quickly and also cleanly and the icing on the cake is that it is relatively quiet.

If I could make a change to it the only change that I would want is to be able to import my own cutting project into it but I believe that they may have this in the pipeline for future updates.

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Tammy said...

Beautiful lattice! You're so clever and crafty!

Karen said...

Oh this is lovely Jak. I got the Cameo for Christmas and really love it.


Linda said...

Great overlay. As usual you've given me some inspiration on other ways to use the cricut.

JaniceinLincs said...

Great idea Jak.. I have one of the older cricuts that sits doing nothing - but your idea has made me think again about it.I have the cricut craftroom on my computer too, but hadnt thought further than cutting shapes. Thank you ! xx

Hamrow said...

Thankis for this Jak. I have a Craft Robo but am tempted with the cricut.

Eve xxx

Janette said...

It's a sweet looking machine Jak, love the lattice you did, gorgeous...but about as much chance of me getting one of these.....a girl can dream...lol...xx

Lori m said...

Beautiful overlay, lovely card.

Hugs, Lori m

sallysbitz2 said...

Very clever. Look forward to seeing your card using this design x

hugs sally x