Saturday 5 January 2013

I’m Alive–Biking Picture

Well I’m happy to report in that I didn’t kill myself on my maiden journey.

We got up early so that there wouldn’t be much traffic on the roads and as soon as daybreak dawned we went out.

I did a few runs along the top of our street just to get used to the bike and then off we went. I didn’t take much of the scenery in because I was concentrating so much on the gears and trying to get the hang of them, After all Chopper bikes only had 3 gears and this one has 24 eek!

So this is me dressed ready for action


We soon realised that I needed a handlebar riser which has since been purchased and is on my bike ready for tomorrow along with a back mudguard. I’ve also booked it to be correctly aligned in the set up of the bike for next weekend.

I’m using the Endomondo app to track my progress and this is a screen print of what I did today.

First Cycle Ride

Little journeys to start with, I have to say I did have to get off on one bank but I'm proud to say that I managed the next one. At one point i was unable to speak and I came home totally wiped out but you know what? I loved it and can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow.

I couldn’t have done any of this had it not been for Chris staying with me and talking me through the gears, He had the patience of a saint.

He saw me back into the house and made sure I was ok as I had the jelly legs syndrome when I unmounted the bike. He then went off on his own and did a further 20 mile on his own.

My under carriage is definitely a little bruised but I guess that will get used to the saddle in time.

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hollis58 said...

well done Jak - so glad you enjoyed it xxx

Lesley Wyness said...

Good on you Jak, been meaning to get ack on my bike for a while. We are off skiing to France in 4 weeks

Debra said...

Hats off to you lady! And you look Fabulous doing it! Love the outfit :)

Phill.M.Martin said...

Well Done you!
Much braver than me :-)

Maryann Laursen said...

That is just so cool lady, and you should be really proud of yourself. It is soooooooooo well done, most people wouldn´t have gone through with this and still looking forward to go again. I really admire you for this.

Crafteezee said...

Good for you. I got a bike last year and with lots of practice I did the London to brighton Bike Ride in June, 54 miles. Now that could be your target?
Hugs Tracy x

Anonymous said...

Well done Jak, you should be proud of yourself xxx
Pam Mc

Aunty Sue said...

Jak you need a ladies gel saddle oh this brings it all back the 3 of used to go out and do a 18mile circuit most summer evenings while my son and his dad would disappear on Sundays clocking up anything up to 80miles. It will definitely keep you fit. Enjoy

Mad Mary said...

Well done Jak, Keep up the good work :-)

Mary x

Cheryl W said...

You look fantastic! Well done. Makes me want to get my own barely-used bike out, except we have a foot of snow out there. It wouldn't do to try to ride in that - I'd kill myself for sure!

Kelly Lloyd said...

Well done you. Glad you enjoyed it too
You look great
Have fun tomorrow.
Hugs Kelly

Lisa Jane said...

You look a real Pro.. fabulous!
Lisa x

TAM said...

Well done Jak - you certainly look the part

Tammy said...

You look great, just like a pro! Hope you can walk tomorrow, I'd be done for a month!

christi said...

go girl!

Susan said...

You GO Girlfriend!
Excellent work and you look fabulous! I wish I had your resolve.
Keep it up!
Sue Brailey

Susan said...

I forgot....and a well done to Chris too! Wonderful that you have such a supportive guy.
Sue Brailey

Mary Roberson said...

So proud of you Jak. Its been a long time since I rode a bike! Hope its fun for you & Chris to ride together.

Linda said...

Well done you. Will be watching out for you in the Tour De France, lol

ursula Uphof said...

Well done Jak and a pat on the back for Chris as well. Ursula xxx

Lady Anne Milnes-Howard said...

Well done Jak, and thank goodness for your Chris and his patience. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, today's ride might be a little more uncomfortable as yesterdays muscles will be aching but work through it and be gentle on yourself. You will be so good come the spring and you and Chris will be off together *smile*
Love ~ Lady Anne
Cards by Lady Anne

Karen Drew said...

Well done Jak.
I found a gel seat help with "under carriage" discomfort.

Keep it up and you will be giving Chris a run for his money!!

Karen xx

Penny said...

You certainly look the business Jak well done' you really looked good with the weight loss too xxx

Penny said...

You certainly look the business Jak well done' you really looked good with the weight loss too xxx

Laurian said...

Well done Jak! I couldn't have done 200 yards so close to 3 miles is fab! I'm sure it will get easier with time and soon it will be just like riding a bike, lol!

Jean said...

Very fetching. You may need to check out a few seats to find the one that 'works' for you, and handlebars in the right position will help as you won't be leaning into it. Enjoy.

Alison said...

Good on you Jaq - go for it !!!

KraftyKoolKat said...

Well done you Jak. You make me feel ashamed of myself for not being fit.


Wendy L said...

So well done. xxx

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Well Done Jak, so glad you enjoyed it.

Linda xxx

sallysbitz2 said...

You look fab Jak in your riding gear.
Congrats with it all.
I did have a little giggle when I read you had jelly legs & a sore cr**ch, Lol.
It reminded me of my mum. One year over the Isle of Eight she did a tandem bike ride round the island. She got off that bike walking like John Wayne, lol.

I am off on Wednesday to join Slimming World!

hugs sally x

Patti J said... that your 'undercarriage' was bruised! What a fun post, Jak. You look amazing, and I'm so proud of you, going that far on your first ride. Our DD runs and rides, and she has an app too, that tracks even elevations - quite an app. Amazing what they can do with those things! Thanks for sharing :)

Merry said...

Way to go...and you certainly have all the right kit. My hubby started cycling about 10 years ago and loved it so much he was riding 40kms a day to get to work and back again. I have other friends that started riding the start of last year and by the middle they were taking part in a charity ride. I am a walker but wonderful to watch your progress and excitement.