Monday 23 August 2021

Full Moon Sea Swim

 It was a full moon Sunday the 22nd August and myself and my Daughter headed off down to our beach for an open water swim with loads of the people that regularly swim there as it was a full moon evening.

We have a wonderful secluded part of the beach between two piers that we swim in, it’s quite sheltered from high waves.

In the above video you can see that there was quite a few of us in the water and yes…. It was very cold tonight, I swam in a rash suite but note to self I need to use my wetsuit on an evening.

It was a beautiful evening and the conversations were flowing, made some new friends too which is always nice.

It’s so pretty, as you can see.
Below is my daughter enjoying the moment

The moon didn’t make its appearance until we were ready to come out but as you can see it was a spectacular picture when it did arrive.

Thankfully we had a cup of hot tea when we were getting dried and changed and it was needed, my teeth were chattering with the cold, all in all a beautiful evening.