Thursday 31 August 2017

With Love and Flowers

Im loving working with the Stamps by Me range, it gets the old cogs in my brain working again.

With Love and Flowers is one of Toni's new stamp sets, I got an idea in my head but couldn't try it out until Grandson Jack was out of bed because the loft ladders open into his room and I don't suppose doing that at 2am ish would be a good thing.

The basic idea was positive and negative with a twist of colour on both sides.

I started by masking off a rectangle and then stamping the detail part of the stamp in light green, I then used ink to to blend into the masked area but trying to avoid the stamped image.

I then removed the masking tape from the rectangle and overstamped the detail stamp in black.


Next masked off the image over the rectangle and stamped the colour fill part of the stamp.

Finishing by stamping the sentiment down the side and added a couple of squiggle lines to make a frame.

Link to Stamps by Me


Wednesday 30 August 2017

Life is Precious Stamping

I think what I love mostly with Stamps By Me stamps is the positive thinking in the wording of the stamps, I think no matter what life deals you, if you can try to stay positive and look for the good rather than the bad you will create positivity for others around you.

Beautiful wording and beautiful imagery a perfect combination.

I started with the Generation Inx, the are the Stamps by Me own brand of inks and ink pads. Blending the sides of my cards after masking off the center panel.

I over stamped the blending with the flowers from the Life is Precious stamp set and embossed them in gold glitter embossing powder.

I then painted the flowers with the Generation Inx and highlighted them with a white paint pen.

Now the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the Get Your Happy On sentiment, that is from the stamp set with the same name.

I used gilding flakes on the stamps sentiment, again did a bit of ink blending but kept it much lighter on the center panel, and to finish i outlined the panel with a couple of squiggly lines.

Here is the link to the Stamps by Me Stamp sets 


Saturday 26 August 2017

Powertex Steampunk

I needed a water pot for my brushes and likes and created one using bronze coloured Powertex medium a large jar, bits of cotton material and some clay cogs.

I love just how relaxing it is to work with Powertex, so much so that I will soon be teaching workshops with it. Don't worry I wont be leaving paper craft behind, I will be doing this alongside.

As you can see the pigments accentuate the creases and folds in the material and that is when the magic happens and the piece you have created comes to life.

I love to experiment with the colours of the pigments, quite often mixing them together to make other colours.

The beauty of this is that it will be fully waterproof in 3 weeks time, however, underneath the material and Powertex is a large Braston Pickle jar so I can use it right now.

Monday 21 August 2017

Watercolour Card

Whilst I was watching Toni from Stamps By Me on Create and Craft this afternoon I was busy making a watercolour background with her Generation Inx and the Eureka 101 board.


I went on to using one of her stamps and gold embossing powder on top of the background and then on a seperate watercolour card I stamped in the flower image with Generation Inx ink-pads and overlaid the cut out petals on top of the gold embossing.

The white detail is chunky white embossing powder.

I love making watercolour backgrounds and the Generation Inx watercolours are so vibrant to work with.

You get a different background each time with watercolour depending how and where the water takes the ink.

You can see in the above image the over-layered pieces.

Simply beautiful products to work with.


Sunday 13 August 2017

Picture Making with Jack

Creating and making memories are an important part of growing up, so as a Grandparent we have an obligation to the children to help make and create these memories for them.

Jack and his Mam have recently had a wonderful holiday together in Fuerteventura and Jack collected some shells whilst he was on the beach to remember his holiday.

On his return I promised we would make a picture frame for his favourite holiday snap and we would add his shells to it.

So with a tube of pinflair glue gel and his collection of shells he made the perfect memory picture.

I think you'll agree with me in saying he did an amazing job.

Didn't,t he collect some pretty shells?


If you were wondering where Jack and his Mam got their matching swimwear it is a company called Oddballs which which has a foundation to raise money for testicular cancer, his Mam sent them this picture and they were featured on the Oddballs website and Instagram.

Totally love this boy.


Friday 11 August 2017

Watercolour Stamping

Stamps By Me, no not actually by me but by Toni Darroch. Not only does this girl rock her designs in stamps but she also has designed her own watercolour ink pads, re-inkers and tools too. Check out her Eureka 101 stamping and watercolour platform. 

I dipped my toe in and did some stamping today with one of her stamps inks and using the Eureka101 for precision stamping being able to multi ink as many times as you want over the same piece of watercolour board allows you to become creative with colour.

I love the relaxed look of watercolour.

One stamp and two different looks just by changing up colours.

Well worth a look around Toni's shop and be sure to check out her gallery and tutorials.

Stamps By Me