Sunday 13 August 2017

Picture Making with Jack

Creating and making memories are an important part of growing up, so as a Grandparent we have an obligation to the children to help make and create these memories for them.

Jack and his Mam have recently had a wonderful holiday together in Fuerteventura and Jack collected some shells whilst he was on the beach to remember his holiday.

On his return I promised we would make a picture frame for his favourite holiday snap and we would add his shells to it.

So with a tube of pinflair glue gel and his collection of shells he made the perfect memory picture.

I think you'll agree with me in saying he did an amazing job.

Didn't,t he collect some pretty shells?


If you were wondering where Jack and his Mam got their matching swimwear it is a company called Oddballs which which has a foundation to raise money for testicular cancer, his Mam sent them this picture and they were featured on the Oddballs website and Instagram.

Totally love this boy.



Janette said...

Wonderful idea Jak, he will remember this as always.....x

christi said...

this is so cool. what a great memory for him. it wasn't til the last pic I noticed the matching suits. I just woke up, that's my excuse. in reality I was looking at the shells and thinking how they look just like the shell on the east cast across the pond. I was thinking maybe they would be different over there. jak's growing up so fast. I see the front teeth missing, is he 7 now?