Friday 11 August 2017

Watercolour Stamping

Stamps By Me, no not actually by me but by Toni Darroch. Not only does this girl rock her designs in stamps but she also has designed her own watercolour ink pads, re-inkers and tools too. Check out her Eureka 101 stamping and watercolour platform. 

I dipped my toe in and did some stamping today with one of her stamps inks and using the Eureka101 for precision stamping being able to multi ink as many times as you want over the same piece of watercolour board allows you to become creative with colour.

I love the relaxed look of watercolour.

One stamp and two different looks just by changing up colours.

Well worth a look around Toni's shop and be sure to check out her gallery and tutorials.

Stamps By Me 




Janette said...

They are gorgeous Jak,just love them, thanks for the link will pop over there...x

Nicole Bretherick said...

Stunning Jak! Will check the website out i hadnt heard of 'stamps by me' xx

Unknown said...

Fabulous cards Jak. I just love Toni's stamps, you get amazing results every single time 💞

Brawny x said...

Absolutely beautiful x