Thursday 27 July 2017

Growing Blueberries

Growing your own fruit is very satisfying.

I never thought in a million years that I would be able to say that. Both my Mam and Dad were blessed with green fingers, I on the other hand can kill off even artificial plants.

I decided to try to grow some fruits in large pots on the decking, i wanted to grow raspberries but the nice man in our local garden center advised me against growing them in pots but told me blueberries thrive in pots so a blueberry plant it was.

Ive talked to it and cared for it and today I ate my first home grown blueberry.

It has loads of berry to come and quite a few of them will soon be ready for the picking.

My Dad would have been proud and I can't wait to show my Mam.

It's looking quite healthy.


Janette said...

I really never ever thought about growing fruit in pots, well other than strawberries....well done, amy give it ago...x

Lizbe said...

Good for yoy Jak I just love blueberries, must try this next year myself. x