Friday 27 February 2015

Cake Decorating

Something that I used to do years ago and do very little of now, my youngest daughter Natalie got engaged to Adam at Christmastime and is having a Party in the beginning of March as it was a total surprise to her and so Adams Mam has made the cake and covered it and I am to decorate it.

So here it is the top piece all done, I will show you the finished cake very soon but as you can guess from the colour of the roses their cake is deep purple.

Rose heart 

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Wednesday 25 February 2015

Baby Crochet

I guess you thought I'd gone missing but, to be honest, I've been so busy, I've totally fell in love with crochet. I've finished two baby sets which I will show you today, a baby girl set and a baby boy set.

First up is the boy set, love the little loafers, buttons and Pom Pom.


Cute as a button.

Of course no set would be complete without the little booties (shoes)

Moving onto the baby girl set.

Just how cute is this little hat?

Now I have to be honest and say the girl hat gave me a few problems, I first tried a bonnet but it turned out mahousive.

In fact, this big.

Grandson Jack was only too happy to model it for me, he is such a funny little chap.


Tuesday 17 February 2015

Altered Book

I saw one of these on the Spellbinders Booth at CHA in Anaheim and was determined to try this for myself.

I have to be honest and say it took a little while to do but I love the end result.


I loved the distressing and gold leaf work, it does you good to get your hands dirty once in a while.


Curling the pages, finding something to go inside the book and stringing some beads, metal button and some hessian to make a bow, a bit of die cutting and some punch craft.

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Saturday 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day

It has been so long since I did this for you but here is a little Valentines Day free gift from me to you.

Please abide by my Terms of Use.
You are free to use my sheets for personal use and make cards to sell for charity but please do not share, alter, claim my sheets as your own or sell them, instead link back to my blog for people to download them.
They are copyright protected.

Click here or the preview image to start the download (please note if you have a pop up blocker on you may have to either click on the pop up blocker button on your menu bar and tell it that pop ups on my site are allowed or try right clicking on the link and tell it to open in a new window).

lace heart sample

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Thursday 5 February 2015

Crochet Baby Booties and Blanket

No we have no new babies planned for the family as yet but I just needed to crochet and thought that I could start a bottom drawer for my youngest. You can bet your bottom Dollar that when the time does come around this way I can be prepared.
First up is the Booties I had a basic crochet pattern but adapted it to have a sock top with a roll down cuff, the pattern I had stopped at the ruffle and then tied with ribbon at the back, I'm not so keep on cords and loose ribbon on baby clothes and figured this way they wouldn't keep dropping off the baby little foot.

My Blanket is ongoing and I think I will add a scalloped edge to it to finish it off but it is coming along very nicely.

Jak x

Sunday 1 February 2015

Couture Dies with Sign Vinyl

Something was bugging me, I had to try it out, Will the Couture dies cut sign vinyl to make home decor.
I knew it would cut through the vinyl but was unsure if it would wrinkle or if I would be able to transfer it in one piece after cutting it or even if it would release from the die.

Well the proof is in the pudding (so to speak) so I took a leap of faith, purchased a glass brick block drilled a hole through it (ok I got Chris to drill the hole) and here is the finished result.