Wednesday 26 November 2014

Daylight lamps Come to Create and Craft TV

I think most crafters understand the importance of good lighting, many of us sitting up doing some sort of craft till the early hours of the morning, I personally put it down to an overactive mind ha ha!

So I find that when my eyes are tired I need better lighting and I'm sure that most of you are the same, years of close up craft means I need all the help that I can get. I also find that home lighting and lamps cast shadows and are more of a warm lighting so colour matching can be an issue too.

I have been using Daylight lamps now for a good few years and in fact I have one in most rooms of my house. I love the white light. Chris often states that we are the brightest house in the street when I craft. I did a comparison a little while ago with my own lighting to show the difference and I have added it below to show you just how wonderful these are.

Join myself and the lovely Leonie on Create and Craft TV Friday 28th November at 4pm for some amazing lamps with amazing prices. 

Sky 674- Freeview 36- Virgin 748- Freesat 813  or watch live from your computer here

Below is a couple of photos took through the magnifier the first is without the lens and the second is with the lens

big guy golfingwo mag big guy golfingwith mag

As you can see there is quite a difference and I love the fact that I can just push the lens to one side when I don’t need it.

The next couple of picture will show you an amazing difference, I took the first picture without using the Daylight lamp and the second picture with.

Without the lamp

big guy golfingdrk

With the Lamp

big guy golfing

You can see it is a much clearer picture and truer colours by using the lamp

For me it is a must have, I do have a light box for my cards but to be totally honest it isn’t a patch on my lamps.

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Friday 21 November 2014

Time to Play Home Decor

I made some wall art earlier in the year and I have had this project on hold waiting to find the time to do it.

So let the play begin.


It started with Chris sticking floor boards together for me after deciding what shape I wanted and then me painting it to match my previous wall art, I love this old peeled paint look.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Let's start adding the vinyl.


Need to add lots more.


Now this is a work in progress and I'll add the finished project in due TIME.....




Wednesday 19 November 2014

Crochet Bunny

Meet Maisy, my crochet bunny made with Alpaca wool, she was a he but I felt like something was missing so I added a little bow as a finishing touch and so Maisy was born.


This is what I have been doing while I am at Create and Craft TV in between my shows. I also have a blanket on the go at home but this was the perfect size for traveling.



Create and Craft makes


A few makes from last weeks shows.

Scrapbook page of myself and my eldest Daughter Lauren


Easy Christmas card


And another



Wednesday 12 November 2014

Brigade Cards

As a rule of thumb I don’t take card orders, I am always too busy to do them and stress myself out over them yet as soon as a request came from one of Chris’s past work mates from the Brigade came in I said yes.

So I hope he will like them, I had made this card as a thank you card for Chris when he left the Brigade and it is still pinned up on the notice board hence the request.

All four finished boxed and wrapped with tissue to make it pretty.

Brigade card2

Close up

Brigade card1

and the inside, sentiment and names blurred out.

Brigade card3

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