Saturday 31 December 2011

Bless her Heart

Just look at what those gorgeous girls of mine organised for me. While I escaped to do a quick shop for more Natalie supplies, she called Lauren.My Album 3-001

This is what she called her for, I think I have two very beautiful daughters, inside and out.


Aren’t they gorgeous? it was to thank me for taking care of her, totally no need for her to do this but I love them.

Natalie is a little dis-heartened as her face has puffed up this afternoon but I’m sure it is just part of the process to getting better.

On the Eve

A new morning has dawned and we awoke at 6am, Natalie had a reasonable night but was very ready for her meds this morning, the swelling in he face continues to reduce and all is well in the Heath household.

just to give you a visual comparison.

The first picture is just before her procedure

before op

and the 2nd picture is this morning.

 2nd day home

Still a little way to go but my God what a difference.

Chris is working all weekend so we won’t be awake to see the New Year in this year, I think we will be having an early night.

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Friday 30 December 2011

Natalie Update

I have got Natalie home again, she’s far from well but is on the right track again, at present she is sleeping sound on the sofa.

I managed to get her to eat a little ham broth and she enjoyed it and said she would have more later.

She is still not really ready for visitors as we found out earlier, her face is still very swollen and is still in considerable pain so if you feel the need to visit her over the next few days please be aware that you mustn't stay long as it is too much for her, she is very weak and has great difficulty in trying to talk.

On the other side of things it is wonderful to have her home.

Thank you for all the comments, she has been reading them.

Looking Better–Natalie

Well what a day we had yesterday, I got a call from the hospital asking me to come in as Natalie was in a right state, I had to call Chris from work as he had the car so we both set off for the hospital together.

When we got there bless her she was in a state, both sides of her face puffed up and swollen and it turned out that they were going to have to remove a tooth as this was the reason behind the infection, it was at the root of the tooth she had had work on a year ago. Unfortunately they couldn’t put her to sleep and she was terrified. It wasn’t the thought of them taking out the tooth but the thought of them touching her face as it was so very painful.

They asked me if I would go with her but I declined and very nicely volunteered her Dad. I can’t bare to see my girls go though stuff like that and couldn’t even go with them for baby vaccines Chris always had to do it.

They tried to inject and freeze the area which left Natalie crying out with the pain, they left it a little while and it did freeze, they had to cut around the tooth then they managed to extract it, her Dad said the only way to describe it was by saying it was like popping the cork out of a champagne bottle as the poison in her face just poured out from where the tooth had been and it just kept on coming out. So some of the swelling has gone down.


Natalie came back from having it removed with the doctor but not her Dad, he went quite queasy and considering he is a fireman and deals with some of the most gruesome of events it was unusual but he said it was a total different kettle of fish when it’s your own daughter your dealing with.

We left Natalie to get home and grab some rest before returning for the evening visit. When we got back to the hospital her friend was there and we could see that Natalie was unwell, she had been vomiting and she said that she felt very lethargic and very weak.

The smell of all the nastiness coming out of her is gross to say the least. We managed to get her lay down and back off to sleep before we came away.

We are praying she gets a good nights sleep and is much betting in the morning.

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Thursday 29 December 2011

Get Well Natalie

Just nipping in with a quick get well card for Natalie, I’ve loads to tell you about today but will do that later as we are heading back to the hospital.

Image is After The Fall by Mo’s Digital Pencil and I thought it was very apt for Natalie.

after the fall

Image coloured with copics.

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Last night when we went in to visit Natalie we found her asleep, this sleep was well needed as she has been in so much pain she has had very little of it these past few days, they have upped her pain relief and they seemed to have knocked her out. We hadn’t been there long before she awoke and the tears started falling. They have put her on Tramadol, something that both myself and my Mam already take for our pain and although they are very good they can knock you sideways so to speak.

Natalie is feeling a little sickly and dizzy from the new meds but if they can take away the pain she has got then it could be worth it. She managed to eat some dinner, a cheese omelette and said it was quite tasty so that was a bonus as normally hospital food is quite bland.

She also had a facial X-ray after we left yesterday afternoon so hopefully they will find the cause of what is happening with Natalie.

Natalie is very upset, worrying that her face will stay like it is at present but we have tried to reassure her that once the infection is under control she will start to see an improvement, sometimes things have to get worse to get better and that seems to be what is happening at the moment, the swelling looks as if it is going to the other side of her face but not as excessive.

I have everything crossed that she has had a good nights rest and when I get in to see her this afternoon I will see some improvement.

Thank you for all your thoughts and well wishes for Natalie.

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Wednesday 28 December 2011

Another update–Natalie is Worse

Please keep Natalie in your thoughts, poor love is quite poorly, State of play when we went in to visit her was that she hadn’t been seen by a doctor, I went to the desk and asked when the doctor would be there and they said they would chase it up, after 2 more request and a couple of hours the one that arrived was full of apologies, they had missed her when they did the rounds.

It seems that she should have been getting drops and hadn’t and he seems to have now took her under his wing to sort out her pain relief and get some scan of her face done.

Anyway I’ll let you judge for yourself how she is looking.

IMG_0587 IMG_0588

As you can see, it is worse.

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Daughter Update

Poor Natalie got steadily worse last night and we ended up going through to A&E as the swelling increased as did the pain.

The have admitted Natalie into hospital as the area that is of concern is the Danger Area for the Face, they have mentioned Facial Cellulitis, she has been put on a drip for antibiotics and pain relief.

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Tuesday 27 December 2011

Poor Daughter

Well what a to do, my daughter Natalie took bad on Christmas day with pains in her face she took the usual pain killers thinking she had a bad tooth and needing a dentist, it seemed to get a little better by the evening but on boxing day got even worse and started to swell.

We called the doctors helpline and were given a number for an emergency dentist to call today we couldn’t get her looked at until 5.30 pm and had to go to the University Hospital, to be honest I thought it was an abscess but it turns out that there is nothing wrong with her teeth it seems to be an infection in her face, poor soul looks like she has gone 10 rounds in the boxing ring, I’ll let you see for yourself.



natalie2   natalie3

So after a couple of hours we got home with antibiotics and pain killers in hand and a frozen bag of peas as a compress, she is due back in work tomorrow but if this is no better I won’t be letting her go.

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Sharing the Memories

I think by now most of you know that I am loving creating Digital Scrapbook layouts, I thought it would be lovely to make a printed book for my Mam with the pages I had made. So I did so using Photobox and here it is.


Now mam has something to keep and also to show to her friends, yes we had a few tears but all in all the perfect gift.

I really can’t rave enough about the program that I used, My Memories Suite makes it so so easy. if you would like to get started and be able to make wonderful gifts and keepsakes this is definitely in my opinion the program to be using.

Don’t forget by using my code you can get $10 off the My Memories Suite software and also an extra $10 coupon off any purchases made. That's a big $20 saving.

My code is STMMMS48868 Enter the code on the shopping cart page At My Memories Suite

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Monday 26 December 2011

Winning Commenter

Morning everyone, I hope the red suited fat man was good to you all. We had a wonderful day here and bless my hubby Chris for taking over the kitchen and doing the bulk of the work, not only is he an amazing cook but he’s a pretty amazing dish washer too.

We had tropical temperatures in our home as the heating has decided to do it’s own thing for Christmas and just fires up went it feels like it, the control downstairs had new batteries installed and now doesn’t want to talk to the boiler, out to get yet more batteries today just in case the ones we have are duds, on the plus side we have to keep running up stairs to shut the boiler down so we are working off our Christmas indulgencies.

You remember my daughters card?

Timmy's stocking2

We promised to choose a winner from those that commented to win a little prize from us.

The winner is.

Blogger Daisychain said...

You have certainly inherited your mum's talent that's for sure! You have coloured the image beautifully and you have made it into a stunning card. Well done! Hugs Christine x

19 December 2011 09:57

Christine if you could drop me an email and title it Natalie’s Winner I have a lovely embellishment pack waiting here to send to you.

Thank you everyone for leaving a message on Natalie's card she was thrilled.

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Sunday 25 December 2011

Wishing you

Wherever you are and how ever you are celebrating Christmas I would like to wish you Joy & Peace this Christmastime.

blog xmas


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Saturday 24 December 2011

He Knows if!

Well the time has come to wish you all a wonderful Christmas however you are spending it I’m wishing for it to be a magical one for you. I will be having the family at mine for Christmas dinner and I only have a few finishing touches to get done for the big day.

Beef, Lamb and Turkey will adorn our plates and Chris has promised to make the stuffing while i’m in charge of the pumpy (mushy) peas, the table will be set and it will be wonderful to have the family fill it.

So good old Father Christmas has been watching, “he knows if you are sleeping, he knows if you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been good or bad so be good for goodness sake.”


He has been extra busy this year trying to get everything ready on time.

santa3I know he’s all but got the sleigh packed and is nearly ready to set off on his journey.


Sleigh bells ring are you listening


He’s on his merry way everyone.

Illustrations by Dean Morrissey

Merry Christmas From the Heath Family.

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Friday 23 December 2011

Blitzen Quick

It was a spark in my head, I saw a card and thought, bloomin heck I’ve got the dies to make that. Marks and Spencers finest. So I mocked it up for you to see.

Very simple “tick” very affordable “tick” very quick to make “tick” very affective “tick”


Dies are Tim Holtz Sizzix on the edge snowflakes, Mariane designs Reindeer oh yes and a bow and a little bit of stickles glitter glue.

Next year sorted “tick”

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Wednesday 21 December 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

I think we all like everything in place for Christmas, The aches for the preparations tend to far exceed the day itself, But I know I for one sit down on Christmas Eve and enjoy the fruits of the labour that has gone in to making it a very special day.
The Christmas Hamper this year will be a chocolate treat ready for sharing and oh yes I will delight in saving the boxes for some craft project for the New Year, the sumptuous sheer ribbon is sure to come in handy too. of course I could divide this Christmas Hamper and give out individual Chocolate boxes but I’m just not sure if I can part with them.
There is one flower that just oozes the Christmas Spirit for me and that is the Poinsettia, it’s vibrant leaves scream out Christmastime and if like my Mam you have green fingers you will be able to keep it going year after year, I’m certain she talks to it.
Mine is so beautiful now that it will be the center piece on my table, Granson Jack feels the need to touch the leaves of mine each time he comes in, I think it is because they look so like velvet,if you recall I made some free sheets with my Poinsettia photo for you all. I’ve added another below.
I find the hardest gift to get is for both mine and Chris’s Mams, the trouble is that if they want something they go and get it and anything we think of they seem to already have, luckily for me my Mam already new what she wanted this year.
My mother in law was another story, in the end she asked for money but I felt that I couldn’t let the occasion pass with out getting a few gifts for her. After all I get much more pleasure in giving a gift than I do in receiving them, I love to watch the faces of them opening up the surprize don’t you?
below is the free sheet.
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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Winter Fairy

I’m hoping that this little one will blow the snow here for Christmas morning, I love a white Christmas, there is just something magical about it, I know Grandson Jack would love it, he wasn’t really old enough to know what is was last year when we had it so I would love to know his reaction to it now. I can remember tossing my head back and catching the snowflakes on my tongue when i was young and laying flat on my back waving my arms to make an angel print in the snow.

Winter Fairy Halla by Mo’s Digital pencil 

winter fairy1

I used the Penny Black holly stamp and heat embossed with white detail powder then used pale blue ink to swirl over the top to create the blue haze, the ribbon is scrumptious and from the Ribbon Carousel I only used around a 3 inch piece of it and fastened a button to the middle, the lace ribbon holds its shape so was perfect for this.

winter fairy2

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Feeding the Reindeer and more

I spent the afternoon with my Monday afternoon with my Mam and what a treat we had, we went to the local garden center and they had the reindeer there and you were allowed to feed them, I couldn’t believe just how friendly they were.


I’ve added a short clip of them.

Feeding the Reindeer

Before we went out I took a hot beef sandwich from our local deli, my Mams cat could smell me coming I think and can you believe it gives you a paw when it wants what is on your plate? here it is here begging Mam for some beef.

Jess giving a paw

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Monday 19 December 2011

Timmy’s Stocking–Made by my Daughter Natalie

You could have knocked me over with a feather when my DD Natalie asked if she could colour one of Mo’s images and make a card. Natalie has always been my judge when I push a card in front of her nose to check her reaction to it, I can tell instantly by her expression weather or not she approves but this is the very first time she has shown an interest in actually making a card herself, I have to say that I am very very impressed.

Timmy’s Stocking by Mo’s Digital Pencil 

Timmy's stocking1

Coloured with Copic markers and teamed with Craft Creations papers.

Timmy's stocking2

hi all, Natalie here, as my Mam mentioned earlier this is the first card I have made and I have to tell the truth I didn't realise how much work went into creating them (you crafters make it look so easy!). When I asked my mam if I could colour one of Mo's images I expected it to take ten minutes but boy was I wrong …after a lot of effort (and coaching from Mam) I had finally finished the colouring and was ready to make it into a card. I must admit the card didn't take long to put together once the image was complete and above is the final result.

As this is my first card I would love to hear your comments and criticisms and we have decided that on Christmas Eve we will pick a lucky winner from the comments for a spot prize.

Sunday 18 December 2011

“Come they told me par rop pom pom pom”

You sing it and I'll strum it.

Shall I Play For You and Snow Day by Mo’s Digital Pencil merged to make one image, I put the two together after seeing the children dancing in our town to the Christmas Music. It always makes me smile to see the little ones getting excited for Christmas.

christmas Music1


Image coloured with Copic markers and teamed with basic grey designer papers and a pretty bow made from Ribbon Carousel Christmas ribbon.

christmas Music2

of course little Drummer boy just wouldn’t be complete without bing crasby and david Bowie singing along.

Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth

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Friday 16 December 2011

Free Backgrounds and Inserts

Oh I have a treat for you all, I have some wonderful Background papers 12 x 12 so you can use them for both card making or for your scrapbook layouts and not only that but my friend Martin has made some Christmas verses for you too. isn’t it wonderful.
Please abide by my Terms of Use.
You are free to use my sheets for personal use but please do not share, alter, claim them as your own or sell them, instead link back to my blog for people to download them.
They are copyright protected.
 Merry Christmas everyone.
Click here to download the backgrounds

On another note
Here are some funny 3d wallpapers that will definitely make you smile.

Martins fabulous printable Christmas verses for Children that he is going to share with you all
Just click the image
martins verses

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