Thursday 31 July 2014

I Need a New Pinny

I think I'm in need of a new Pinny (Apron) I know a man who may be able to print one up for me and in fact he may already have some in stock.

I'm after a crafting Pinny, do you have one? Is it something that you have thought about?


Mine is getting old now and I really need one with pockets.

We are on the last leg of the back room, carpets will be here tomorrow and some of the furnature arrived today.

Not long now.



Sunday 27 July 2014

The important things.

I was sitting having a cuppa at my Mams tonight, I always sit on the sofa facing the fire place and realised that I always find myself looking at our family photos, they have pride of place on the wall.

I sat smiling at them noticing how young we were and thinking of us now how we have grown and how proud my Mam and Dad was of us all.

It suddenly dawned on me that I didn't have the photos in my collection so I whipped out my phone and took them off the wall to take a copy.

Now no giggling but this is the group one, me with long hair, Chris looks like he is sporting a toupee my girls so young and my brothers family too.


I will be in big trouble when this posts out to Facebook but I felt you would enjoy seeing it.



Saturday 19 July 2014

28 Years today. Captions please.

It our Anniversary today both Chris and I have been Married for 28 years.

This wedding picture is one of Chris's favourites. I look ever so cross with him don't I?

So just for fun give it a caption.



Friday 18 July 2014

Multi Layers

I had a little time to play, creating multi layers can be so fun, not sticking anything down until you are totally satisfied is the key to this, OK it takes a little longer to create your masterpiece but what is the rush? it is all about enjoying what you are doing so why rush it?

multi layers1

So this is one I built in 2 days, obviously not solid days but  wanted the papers to be right and I kept walking away from it, I had the idea in my head what I wanted and kept adding to the idea. Sticking nothing down until I was happy.

multi layers2

You will probably notice that I rarely add wording to my cards, actually I do it once I know who it is going to or even leave it as it is depending on my mood.

multi layers3

Making a statement with a poinsettia.

Jak Signature

Saturday 12 July 2014

This and That and a Crafty Stash

For those that know me well they will know that I hide my fear for going out on my own very well, many think that my humour portrays an outgoing nature that is fearless when in fact it is a mask that hides the real scaredy cat that I really am.

I wasn't always like that, I used to be totally fearless and ready to conquer the world, however I do like my own company and I have to force myself to venture out, Chris often says that if not for him I would become a recluse and in honesty I have to agree.

So this weekend I took a massive step into the unknown and went into a public house on my own for dinner. The Crown at Elton, I did go with Chris last month so I knew where it was, I had the Fish and Chips again and it was delishious.

So on to today, I have a lot of time to fill as I don't need to be at Create and Craft until 5pm ready for the 7pm show so what to do???

It came to me in a lightbulb flash.......go craft shopping.

So I did just that and headed over to Sir Stampalot. If you have never been you are missing out, it is full of crafty goodness and they are ever so welcoming.

So what did I buy?

This little lot, a cordless glue gun, new cutting blades for my paper trimmer, 2 packets of buttons, some pearly ribbon and a new Memory Box die set.



Friday 11 July 2014

Gift Box from One Day Wonder

It was 6 years ago that I first used this origami folder flower and yet it is still one that gives the wow factor today.

I used the Topsi Turvy card stock from Create and Craft and also the Rainbow Cardstock for the flowers.


Isn't it pretty? I used a snowflake die by Memory Box and a sheet of the mirror card in gold to further embellish the box.


And I even found the original link that I used to make the flowers.




Thursday 10 July 2014

One Day Wonder

I'm back at Create and Craft TV with the One Day Wonder and it's a brilliant deal with 3 for the price of 2 so it's a great time to stock up on some wonderful card.

This is a card from one of my demo's this morning.


Don't forget to email into the live shows for a chance to win one of my cards.



Sunday 6 July 2014

Back at Create and Craft TV

I've took some time out from my building site home and I am at Create and Craft for the next 8 days, I'm hoping by the time I get home I will see a vast improvement although poor Chris is at work all week too so maybe we will just get stuck into the decorating when I get home.

I do hope you will join me next week I know there will be some fabulous offers and I have some wonderful things to show you. Please send in an email if you are watching I appreciate them so very much.

This is my schedule of my shows so hopefully you will catch some of them.


Thursday will be a busy day.