Saturday 12 July 2014

This and That and a Crafty Stash

For those that know me well they will know that I hide my fear for going out on my own very well, many think that my humour portrays an outgoing nature that is fearless when in fact it is a mask that hides the real scaredy cat that I really am.

I wasn't always like that, I used to be totally fearless and ready to conquer the world, however I do like my own company and I have to force myself to venture out, Chris often says that if not for him I would become a recluse and in honesty I have to agree.

So this weekend I took a massive step into the unknown and went into a public house on my own for dinner. The Crown at Elton, I did go with Chris last month so I knew where it was, I had the Fish and Chips again and it was delishious.

So on to today, I have a lot of time to fill as I don't need to be at Create and Craft until 5pm ready for the 7pm show so what to do???

It came to me in a lightbulb flash.......go craft shopping.

So I did just that and headed over to Sir Stampalot. If you have never been you are missing out, it is full of crafty goodness and they are ever so welcoming.

So what did I buy?

This little lot, a cordless glue gun, new cutting blades for my paper trimmer, 2 packets of buttons, some pearly ribbon and a new Memory Box die set.




Unknown said...

Jak that's my fav shop. Janice is so helpful & I go to classes there too.

Maryann Laursen said...

Looks like a great shoppingspree Jak, but a shame you bought that cordless gluegun, as I have one, you could have for free, as I really don´t think it´s worth the money. It can´t stay hot enough for even 2 minutes, so it´s practical uselesss, I´m afraid.

Unknown said...

I've reached the grand age of 46 and have never been into a pub on my own yet - how brave you are. :)

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I know just what you mean Jak, my hubby has been away this week and apart from going to the Newbury Show last weekend after he left, I've not been outside of the front door. I'm so glad he'll be home later tonight.

So well done for taking that step and going it alone, I'm sure you fish and chips were wonderful and the trip to Sir Stampalot.

Sue xx

Janette said...

I can't believe you feel like that Jak, I am exactly the same, I only went out the other evening to see my Grandaughters play, first time in a month, it's odd, I used to love being off out.....anyway, thankfully you have
That stash looks fab, enjoy.xx

My'scardcorner said...

Good for Jak I'm much older and don't think I could have a meal on my own glad the fish and chips helped. Now shopping that's a different story although it is nice to have company.Craft stash looks good enjoy.

Ali said...

I dont think I could go into a pub and eat on my own - so well done you - if only I'd known I'm just down the road!!

Wendy L said...

Lovely additions to your stash Jak.

Sue said...

I am the same Jak and since I lost my fella I am worse.
Glad to hear you filled your spare time well Jak.
Sue xx

Unknown said...

Well done Jak. Im 60 this year and still wouldnt have the courage to go in a pub on my own. Even if I am in a pub with friends I would never go up and order any drink. I always get a friend to do it. xx Funny old things eh. xx As always enjoy your shows. xx

Mary R. said...

Its cool that you went out on your own. I understand. It is hard, but you get through it and then its easier.

Marion Bull said...

What better thing to do when you are at a loose end than go to a craft shop. It always makes me feel good! Brave of you to venture into a pub on your own. Well done!
MarionB xx

maggiemac said...

Well done going on your own Jak. I have been a widow for thirty years and if I didn't go on my own sometimes I wouldn't go anywhere. I even go on holidays on my own. I do have friends that I go out with and yes they do send me to the bar ha ha.
Sorry that you weren't at Doncaster yesterday. As usual it was 'nose to bumper' all the way round. So busy

mim said...

Well done Jak, I am exactly the same and I always think it's just me. If my husband is away i can go days and only get as far as walking my dog!!

Do you think you lose confidence being home with children as I had four and spent most of my 20's and 30's with one or other so I never went anywhere alone?

Margaret x