Thursday 31 July 2014

I Need a New Pinny

I think I'm in need of a new Pinny (Apron) I know a man who may be able to print one up for me and in fact he may already have some in stock.

I'm after a crafting Pinny, do you have one? Is it something that you have thought about?


Mine is getting old now and I really need one with pockets.

We are on the last leg of the back room, carpets will be here tomorrow and some of the furnature arrived today.

Not long now.




Maryann Laursen said...

An awesome apron Jak, I have one that a dear friend made for me on her embroidrerymachine a couple years ago, and I don´t think, I can get any better than that, but I do like yours too thoug.
Great news that you´re almost there now and looking forward to see the finished result.

Dawn said...

Need a new pinny? Why not make one? Go on, get that machine out & get cracking! lol
Dawn xx

Linda Simpson said...

I got a lovely new pinny at Summer Crafting a Tattered Lace one, all sorted now ;)
Linda xxx

Janette said...

Not worn a pinny in years Jak, I really don't know why, or how it stopped....but i agree with Dawn, have a go and make your own....enjoy...xx