Wednesday 21 December 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

I think we all like everything in place for Christmas, The aches for the preparations tend to far exceed the day itself, But I know I for one sit down on Christmas Eve and enjoy the fruits of the labour that has gone in to making it a very special day.
The Christmas Hamper this year will be a chocolate treat ready for sharing and oh yes I will delight in saving the boxes for some craft project for the New Year, the sumptuous sheer ribbon is sure to come in handy too. of course I could divide this Christmas Hamper and give out individual Chocolate boxes but I’m just not sure if I can part with them.
There is one flower that just oozes the Christmas Spirit for me and that is the Poinsettia, it’s vibrant leaves scream out Christmastime and if like my Mam you have green fingers you will be able to keep it going year after year, I’m certain she talks to it.
Mine is so beautiful now that it will be the center piece on my table, Granson Jack feels the need to touch the leaves of mine each time he comes in, I think it is because they look so like velvet,if you recall I made some free sheets with my Poinsettia photo for you all. I’ve added another below.
I find the hardest gift to get is for both mine and Chris’s Mams, the trouble is that if they want something they go and get it and anything we think of they seem to already have, luckily for me my Mam already new what she wanted this year.
My mother in law was another story, in the end she asked for money but I felt that I couldn’t let the occasion pass with out getting a few gifts for her. After all I get much more pleasure in giving a gift than I do in receiving them, I love to watch the faces of them opening up the surprize don’t you?
below is the free sheet.
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Lori m said...

Beautiful photos and yummy looking chocolates. I think buying for our parents is often harder then buying gifts for our children.

My Mom always tells us there is nothing she needs, I hope this year our gifts are something she wanted.

Thank you for sharing another beautiful paper.

Merry Christmas, blessings and hugs, Lori m

Mad Mary said...

Aren't those Chocolate Towers lovely, I have had a few in the past and yes i have kept the boxes and the ribbon. I have a Poinsettia that i bought a few years ago but it's not looking it's best now.
Thank you once more for the sheet Jak, you are very generous.

Mary xx

Dawn Frost said...

I now have two poinsettias, one that I got this year and one from last year, OMG! The one from last year is looking sad but its alive, which is something. The chocolate towel looks amazing, enjoy. Thanks so much for your gorgeous paper Jak!

My'scardcorner said...

Wow all those boxes to open and full of chocs..naughty but nice lol poinsetta looks great Ive not got one this year yet as the ones Ive seen are all past there best so I wont buy..Well done on mam keeping one from last year some achievement that...Thanks for the free sheet Jak I love the pale colours.