Tuesday 20 December 2011

Feeding the Reindeer and more

I spent the afternoon with my Monday afternoon with my Mam and what a treat we had, we went to the local garden center and they had the reindeer there and you were allowed to feed them, I couldn’t believe just how friendly they were.


I’ve added a short clip of them.

Feeding the Reindeer

Before we went out I took a hot beef sandwich from our local deli, my Mams cat could smell me coming I think and can you believe it gives you a paw when it wants what is on your plate? here it is here begging Mam for some beef.

Jess giving a paw

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Mad Mary said...

We have a deer centre quite near us here Jak and you can feed these ones too. Aren't their Antlers like velvet.
My old cat D.D. used to give a paw too for treats and she was a calico too.

Mary xx

Lori m said...

I wish we had the deer close to feed, our grandson would love it. I just got the biggest kick out of Jess begging, I've never seen a kitty give you her paw for food.

Priceless, thank you for sharing.

Merry Christmas, Lori m

Tammy said...

Sweet videos! You are so lucky to be able to do things with your mother!

Mary Roberson said...

Thanks for sharing this Jak. I've never seen a real reindeer in person-just the Rudolph version. Jess is precious too. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

June Nelson said...

Aw I love reindeers pleased you had a lovely day xxxx