Saturday 26 August 2017

Powertex Steampunk

I needed a water pot for my brushes and likes and created one using bronze coloured Powertex medium a large jar, bits of cotton material and some clay cogs.

I love just how relaxing it is to work with Powertex, so much so that I will soon be teaching workshops with it. Don't worry I wont be leaving paper craft behind, I will be doing this alongside.

As you can see the pigments accentuate the creases and folds in the material and that is when the magic happens and the piece you have created comes to life.

I love to experiment with the colours of the pigments, quite often mixing them together to make other colours.

The beauty of this is that it will be fully waterproof in 3 weeks time, however, underneath the material and Powertex is a large Braston Pickle jar so I can use it right now.


Linda Simpson said...

WOW this is amazing!
Linda xxx

Janette said...

Love it Jak, I am a big fan of any mixed media, look forward to seeing more...x

maggiemac said...

Is there any end to your talent? That looks brilliant x

Lizbe said...

There is no end to your talent Jak, brilliant. x

Sandra H said...

Oooh this is just amazing your so talented in all that your do .......simply is gorgeous! x