Saturday 21 January 2012

Welcome Saturday

What a day Friday was, firstly it would have been my Brother Russell’s birthday, he was lost at sea while serving in the Merchant Navy at the age of 17, just a lad in his prime with the world at his feet.

Then my morning started with a trip to hospital for my bloods to be done followed late morning by a trip to the Dentist to have 2 wisdom teeth removed, now I am a bit of a wus when it comes to dentists due to a drill happy one in my youth, but they had to come out so out they are and pretty painful at that, it made me realise the pain that Natalie must have been in earlier in the month.

The tea time came a call from the hospital to say they were concerned about my blood count and to stop the meds that keep my pains at bay and I need to go in again next week.

So I’m pleased to see Saturday morning, I still have considerable pain but I suspect that each day will get better.

I thought I would share this scrapbook page with you, the picture is one from my wedding day and this is Chris’s favourite picture, it always make me giggle and think start as you mean to go on ha,ha…


It’s quite ironic because we rarely have cross words, we tend to listen to each other and talk about things before the heat sets in, something that has worked for us as last year we celebrated out 25th Anniversary.

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Hamrow said...

Love the photo Jak. We also have one like that - it is "that look" isn't it. What had he said or done?

Eve xx

Lesley said...

Oh Jak I had to laugh at your face, (I don't mean to be rude) you don't have to say a word the look is enough. Brilliant!!!
May I ask a question? is that a 3d flower or a flat one? I made a page with paper flowers and it wouldn't fit into the wallet.

Lesley x

Rhodidodi said...

I sympathise with you Jak, I had two wisdom teeth removed many years ago and I was all bruised and swollen and looked like I had gone 10 rounds in a boxing match!you can only feel sorry for babies when they get their teeth if their pain is half as bad!! i love the expression on your face in the photo - it is priceless!

My'scardcorner said...

Yes im sure Ive got a pic with that expression on too lol great page though and it cant of been that bad if youre still together after 25 years..we are 52 this year
..........Hope you face is easier today.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jak!
Your photo has me ROFL !! Love it! Lovely page ... sorry your day was so rough yesterday ... I know the feeling - I have had Drs and Hospitals up to my ears - lol ! Hope you are feeling better soon. I have been hybernating for a while now, and might be about ready to poke my head up again here and there.
Take care

Tammy said...

So sorry to hear you had a bad day. Hope that's the last one! Awesome layout and great pictures. Candid shots are usually the best! Get some rest!!

applejack cards by sue said...

I hope today is a much better day for you and that your pain is easing. Lovely scrapbook page, this is what memories are all about, not a posed photo but sort of an action one.

Debbie J said...

Jak, thanks for the laugh! My husband's favorite pic is of us in our wedding finery where I was trying to explain something to him, and it looks for all the world like a dressing down. My mother used to laugh herself silly over it. That was very nearly 37 years ago, and like you, we rarely have harsh words for each other. Hope your pain is much better.

Lori m said...

Lovely layout, they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, this is priceless.

I hope you feel better and that Natalie continues in good health.

Hugs, Lori m

Anonymous said...

Ooo think most of us have a photo(or two !)like that Jak.
Hope you`ll soon be feeling better.

Hugs Sian xx

Mad Mary said...

Hope your mouth isn't too sore now and your pain isn't unbearable too!!

Fantastic picture and scrapbook page, just love it... Yes, we all have pictures like that somewhere..

Mary xx

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Jak-so sorry you are having such a time! I know the dentist fear-found one who gives me 1 1/2 pills-Halcion-before I come in. I have to have someone drive me, but--I know what they are doing, can tell them if something hurts, etc.--but am relaxed and can let them do what they need to. Yes, they still give me novacaine, too---but the pill takes away the anxiety and I usually have a nice nap when it's all over! Maybe see if that's an option for you? LOVE the layout! That look is probably WHY you've had a good 25 years + == you let him know from the get-go you weren't going to put up with anything! love, love love it! Feel better! Blessings, Sharon

June Nelson said...

He he this made me laugh your the boss girl its a great pic, and I do hope your mouth settles and everything is ok with your blood me darlin your really going through it!! loads of love and gentle huggies from me xxxxxxxxxx

Cathy said...

Jak, so sorry, you had such a terrible day with the dentist and all, hope by the time you see this you are all better :) Great layout and the photo says it all. LOL...