Sunday 1 January 2012

A Journey Best Forgotten

Well we had a very sober celebration which is fine by me a a half bottle of larger and I’m a bit sqiuffy. Hope you lot did it in style.

Natalie continues to get better and I took her for a bit of fresh air in the car, ha ha. To see out Lauren as she was missing Jack and then to my Mams, we didn’t stay long as i knew it would take it out of her but she was climbing our walls and needed a change of scene.

She did end up spending the rest of the day laying on the sofa but at least she had a good morning.

What I didn’t tell you all is that Natalie is a smoker and has now gone 5 days without one, in her words she is clamming for one but I have tried to advise her in the fact if she does have one it is putting poison back into her mouth and we really can’t chance the risk of her face being re-infected. I know how hard it is to give up but she is doing amazing and I’m so proud of her doing without.

I Figured whats happened to her should be Scrapbooked so I did a page layout using My Memories Suite 


And as we visited Jack this morning I made a page layout of him too.


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Jackie said...

So glad to hear Natalie is getting better, bless her... and wtg gal on the not having any ciggies for 5 days, I do hope she keeps that up... we all know how hard it is to do that. As for your wee Jack he is going to break a few girls hearts, what a little stunner he is... thank you Jak for sharing your 'memories' xx A very happy new year to you and yours... lots of love, as always Jackie xx

Denise said...

Two great layouts and well done Natalie for not smoking for 5 days - I would be climbing the walls going cold turkey like that. Hope she can keep it up (wish I could give up myself).
Send her my best wishes.
Denise xx

Lori m said...

I'm so glad to hear Natalie is doing better and please give her high 5's from me on the not smoking for 5 days.

I just celebrated my 6th year quit the end of November. It was the hardest thing I've ever done but that's where my crafting things came in. Crafting keeps my hands and mind busy so I don't think of them.

Happy Healthy New Year to you all!

Hugs, Lori m

Tracy said...

Wonderful layouts, love them both, Jack looks so cute in his dragon dressing gown.

Well done Natalie with not smoking!
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Mad Mary said...

2 great Layouts Jak and well done to Natalie for not smoking. I do hope she keeps it up but if not hope she manages to stay off them until her mouth is healed up.

Wee Jack is just adorable and the cutest Dragon ever. What a lovely smile he has.

I don't drink at all so i had a very quiet and sober night too Jak.

Mary xx

Linda Wescott said...

Glad she's doing better, and well done to her for being without the cigarettes, I hope she'll manage to keep it up. Great pages. Hugs lin

Four11Lady said...

Great layouts! Glad that Natalie is on the mend and great that she has not smoked. I too am a smoker and have not been successful in stopping (yet) Three cheers for Natalie....keep it up girl. Jack looks adorable!
Have a better beginning to 2012 than the ending you all had in 2011. God bless.....:))

Judi said...

I bet Natalie's going to love you for taking all those lovely pics of her not looking her best!!! lol. I hope she decides that having got as far as she has without a ciggie, that it's not worth going back to it - think of the money she'll save, not to mention the poison she'll have stopped putting into her body - maybe you should point out that the problems with her face have been caused by poison, and if that can happen from a tooth, what might the ciggies be doing to her.


Judi x

Laurian said...

Lovely layouts and even though the photos don't make Natalie look her best - they are always good to look back on. Jack is adorable as usual!!
Well done for surviving without a cig for so long, I finally managed to quit 8 years ago but you will only ever quit if it is right for you to quit and you really want to, hopefully all the right bits come together and Natalie can stop for good but if not I hope she continues without until her mouth heals,

sallysbitz2 said...

Your scrap book pages are brilliant x

hugs sally x

Tammy said...

Great pages although I'm sorry Natalie had to go through what she did and they take a way nicotine, what a strong young lady she is! Jack is such a cutie-pie!

Kathyk said...

Gr8 2 hear she's feeling well enough to be going stir crazy! AND giving up smoking - well done 2 her - will she keep it up when she's better?

Jack's so cute 2


Sparkles said...

Hi Natalie and Jak,
I know just how you feel with your tooth right now Natalie. I had a filling two weeks ago which unfortunately has spawned an abcess.
Constant pain and no sleep for the last few days is getting to be a bit wearing. I'm actually looking forward to seeing my dentist, hopefully tomorrow.
Good luck and hope you are on the mend,