Monday 16 January 2012

Husbands eh! and Blog Candy

I was just chatting with one of my crafty friends about husbands taste in music when driving in the car and then I remembers the little gem that I got in the car to one morning.

I have been known to slide down my seat in the car in the hope that know one notices me when Chris is driving and puts on his own music but this one beat them all.

Picture the scene, dashing out early morning so that I won’t be late for work I jump in the car and turn on the ignition and wham the music is full blast, Chris had had the car the previous night and this is the little gem he left for me to listen to.

Delaney’s Donkey

I bet you will all be singing or humming the tune all night. Tell be your husbands most embaressing car music in a comment & I’ll sort out some blog candy and do a random draw.

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Mad Mary said...

Never heard that before Jak but it is a tune that will get your feet tapping. Douglas doesn't seem to have an embarrassing song in his collection ( either that or he has hidden them all from me lol )

Mary xx

Anonymous said...

O.M.G !

Jak, you have my sympathy


Carla S. said...

Too funny, Jak! I think I'm going to wish I hadn't listened to it - lol! When I get in the car after DH has had it, it is usually blaring rock music. It's not embarassing, but it sure is annoying!

Denise said...

OMG haven't heard that one for years - and yes, shall be humming it all night now.
I suppose being divorced, I am lucky that I don't have your problem but then my daughter did have this gem playing this Christmas - Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey!! If you haven't heard it (and want to for some mad reason) this is the YouTube link
Denise xx

judith smurthwaite said...

you have my sympathy jak, my hubby's music is what i call funeral music. if you dont feel depressed when you get in the car you certainly do when you get out hahahaha. who would have em eh lol

Christine Harrop said...

John only listens to Radio 4 when he's on his own. My funniest memory is when my mum got in the car with my brother and his music was LOUD, she said. "You should hear it when I'm on my own," said Ian. "Well all I can say," was her reply, "is that I'm glad I'm not in the car with you when you are on your own!" She wondered why he laughed!!! Now she's no longer with us these are some of the funny things that keep her in our minds. Miss you mum!

Four11Lady said...

That's funny! My husband has his own truck, but when I ride with him his music is so LOUD that everyone on the street looks at us as we pass! UGH!!!!!!

Colleen said...

Have never heard that before. Thanks for sharing.
Hubby and I both enjoy and listen to same type of music so don't really recall an embarassing moment.

Moza said...

Sadly, I think I'm the one that plays the loud, embarrassing music in the car. Actually, the choice of music isn't as bad as my attempts to sing along with it - but if I've had a bad day at work, I love turning the volume up to eleven and belting out something like Delilah or I Will Survive!

Merry said...

That is too funny...great clip with the song...thanks so much for sharing that Jak. Sorry no don't have any embarrassing stories to tell. Unless you count him listening and blaring out loud Neil Diamond and Cat husband is not yet 50...the family (kids and I ) have all grown to appreciate both of these artists.

Maryann Laursen said...

I never heard this before either, I must admit, but I sure feel for you ha ha ha.
I think, my most embarrasing moment was a few years ago, when I had to go to his work and get the car, as I had an appointment, so had to take the car and get back for him later. We had many years ago a troubadour here, who sang very naughty songs, and mind you, when I sat in the car and started, the most naughty words were almost screaming out loud all over the factory, where he works, so all his mates were looking to see, what was happening, and imagine their naughty grins, when they saw it was me LOL. I can asure you, he got a lesson, when I picked him up TOO LATE after work.

angelique (anlou) said...

OMG this is imbarising music to hear, i don't know this song but i lissend to it, oh my por dear
my hubby and i have the same type of music favorite's, so sorry not one i get a red face from, but it was funny to hear this song, LOL
hugs angelique

Donna said...

Too funny! My favorite is when my husband sings in the shower and then extends it to the bedroom. He doesn't have the best voice and he usually sings Boy Scout songs, occasionally something from the radio. But my favorite part is when he dances around in his underwear. Too funny!

Christine Pethers said...

My goodness
reminds me of Ed 'Stewpot' and Junior Choice .
another one is 'Paddy McGuintys Goat'
I embarrassed DD just before Christmas . There was an old TOTP on and I was singing along to 'Ernie'
Are really naff songs like these a UK phenomenon??
Love Chris ( Northampton , uk )

fionalawlor said...

Lol that is so funny and I can just picture your face hahahaha! My husband listens to music quite similar only his is even worse because its in Irish, which he understands but I have no clue... it all sounds like a load of hillbilly gibberish to me lol
Fiona L x

Unknown said...

ty ty ever so!.. This was a much needed giggle from a very stressful day.. as always ty for sharing.
Lynda Hidalgo

Mary Roberson said...

Poor Jak. My hubby listens to Crash Test Dummies and I just hate it...

Becky Sorensen said...

haha - thats a good one. My husband likes the same music I do, but likes to sing, at the top of his lungs, a song by Mac Davis. Some of the words -
Oh Lord its hard to be humble
when your perfect in every way
I can't wait to look in the mirror,
'cuz I get better looking each day!!!

He is a nut!!

Ardilla said...

My husband and I have same taste for music and if there is something embaressing maybe is my music, his music is always the best :) Pour him!
I hope I can win some candy although my husband's music is great!

ShersL84bed said...

Hahaha, that was cute. My husband usually makes fun of my music. He likes old 80's metal music. I like tv musical songs. The whole Evita album is my favorite. I do like Grease too.

Smiles Sher

Larisa said...

I have never heard that before Jak! Nice song!
Good luck!!!

June Nelson said...

He he my ex hubbys ewas your a pink tooth brush when my daughter was litttle she could put the music on and did so once when he was at the petrol station you should have seen the look on the faces he he, its so funny jak thanks for sharing but I do also love delaneys donkey lol xxxxxxxx

Lorianna said...

I don't think his is the type of music
With my hubby , it's ANY music
He uses the dash board as a key board,
Steering wheel as a drum
and plays air guitar
I always hope the people in the next car doesn't look over!!
I tell him stop pretending your a one man band!!
so embarrassing

Pam Swadling said...

Don't have a problem with OH's music Jak as he always listens to radio 2 when travelling. Good mix of music and chat.

Debbie (Little Gingham Bear) said...

OMG - that brings back the memories of Saturday nights and those jumpers!!!! I even saw Val Doonican live when I was small.

My hubby only listens to Radio 4 but has it so loud I don't need to look to see if he's home I can hear him coming - bless him

Pat Bateman said...

Hi Jak
Thanks for sharing, that bought back so many memories for me, My mum used to like listening to Val Doonican, think I might still have an LP (how old am I?) somewhere.
Loved the peony sheets thanks for sharing

Skylark said...

jak it's been a long time since I heard that, the worst one for me was when our youngest grandaughter was born on christmas day then for days he insisted on playing Grandad his reason being she was not born when we got together where as the other 2 grandchildren were born & he was 36 as he is younger than me

CraftyJo said...

I think my situation might be worse.....we have a motorbike, a Honda GoldWing, and it's a real head-turner, so big and beautiful and full of lights so really does attract attention. We sometimes pull into biker hang-outs and the music, from the fabulous on-board system, is often 'Honey' by Bobby Goldsboro!!! Or something by Frank Sinatra - hardly biker tunes :(

Anonymous said...


Christine said...

Oh my, I know I can't top that one, Jak! LOL!!

I guess the worst that my dh plays is Pink Flyod. I just cringe if I turn on his car with the kids in the back seat, and 'The Wall' comes on! lol

LeeAnn said...

Thank you for the beautiful digi papers. I also got the first pak today. Thank you for your generosity.