Monday 25 June 2012

Afternoon Stroll

You know how we all often say “If I won the lottery” well I have a genuine need of it, I  have had a dream for such a long long time of building my own home somewhere close to my heart.

My happiest childhood memories were spent in a colliery house just off the coal pit grounds, there were only 2 streets with 14 houses in each street, it was like a family, everyone looked out for each other.

The near by village children all used to head over to our street to play, we had so much to do, we had a hotspot which was where the pipes for the pit showers for the miners ran under the ground and it would warm up  the pavement so even when it was raining that hotspot ground would be dry, we all used to meet there especially on freezing cold days, we would sit on the ground and warm our bums it often got so hot we would take off our coats and sit on them to stop our bums from burning.

We had the pit pond, an Olympic size outdoor swimming pool run by the miners we learnt how to swim on a belt with a rope attached to the back, and once we had mastered the belt we would progress to the corner, this was a part of the pool were a guide would walk along the edge with a wooden pole while you were swimming across, when you got tired you grabbed onto the pole, so you see we had all the mod cons.

We had fields to play in, a park just at the top of the street, and a coast were the coal would be washed and sorted.

So back to my building a home, it is in a spot were I can see everything that I used to see out of my bedroom window.

This is where I would want it built. Just on the top bank near the three trees “sigh”

Window view1

I want you to see the view that I once had and the view that I would like to have again some day.

Just look at it that bit of coast was my play ground

Window view2

Oh how I dream

Window view4

On the other side is something I dearly love, our Lighthouse, I used to watching it blinking it’s green light in the dark from my bedroom window, I used to pray it would guide my brother home ( he was lost at sea while serving in the Merchant navy)

Window view3

So I have rambled on and on and I hope you’ll forgive me but I wanted to give you an insight into my dream.

Finally the light was fading and the rain started again so it was time to leave.

Window view

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Unknown said...

Big hugs Jak, I hope it happens for you. God Bless.

Carol Wood said...

Memories are such wonderful thing, so are dreams, I hope your's come true Jak. Good Luck x

Unknown said...

Oh wow! How beautiful...yes, that would be so wonderful :O) Hope it comes true for you. I have a saying over my bed that I look at often and especially when I have a need or down about is : Everyday holds a possibility of a Miracle. Hugs! Leah Ann

Ann Marie Governale said...

So Ann Marie

Renee B. said...

What would we be without our dreams? Your pictures are beautiful...hope your dream comes true some day soon! If I won the lottery I would buy a little home in my native N.Ireland...somewhere on the Antrim Coast. Then I could visit anytime I wanted!

Marion Burch said...

A very beautiful dream, Never give up on your dream!!!

Lady Anne Milnes-Howard said...

Good morning Jak,
I have always had a dream of building my own home, the place I see is very similar to your's which is like we have been sharing the dream. Mine is in Leicestershire though but not that far from you *smile* I hope your dream will one day come true for you Jak, you should never give up just believe it will happen...
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Linda said...

What fantastic views. Hope you achieve your dream.

Maryann Laursen said...

What a wonderful dream Jak, and I sure hope, you´ll get it fulfilled some day. It´s definitely a wonderful dream, that´s worth going for, there´s nothing like mother Nature, when she shows her fullest beauty is it? I too loved these pictures, so I can sure feel your dream too.

My'scardcorner said...

You sure were lucky growing up in that envirament Jak and you never knowsome dreams do come true.

Sue said...

A beautiful dream Jak,keep doing the lotto,you never know.
Hugs Sue

Jo Rice said...

What a lovely read and photos Jak. We all need a dream and who knows what is round the corner. Keep your dream alive. Hugs. X

Anonymous said...

don't despair...I had a 'dream' with my 1st boyfriend that we would marry, live inn a cottage in Wales and have twins..the boyfriend didnt last & life went on. but guess what??? at retirement age my now husband & I have bought the most delightful cottage in Shropshire.. not far from Wales, alas no twins but a wonderful daughter & her husband who are helping us renovate!!! who says dreams don't come true - even if only in part!!! hugs, Rosie

Liz said...

Ahh I can empathise with you:) Hubby & I are in a street like that you grew up in.Out of the back bedroom window we can see the conifers planted over what used to be a slag heap from mining days. We can walk along paralel to railway lines & see fields with sheep & alpacca & one farmer has dug out a very large pond in a field & we see swans & Canada geese & ducks, a heron & partridge near by.We see deer & rabbits & hawks too & lots of butterflies.Hear many birds singing too.We have our dream, we found each other late in life & we love this location. We don't need any more.But I wish you luck & hope you too get your dream.Hugs x

ursula said...

maybe your dream will become reality one day..... luv Ursula XX

debs29blue said...

Hi Jak
What a lovely story and beautiful photos.
You just need to keep your fingers crossed and then remember that dreams sometimes come true.
I really hope they do for you.
Take care
Debs x

Cheryl W said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and your private dream. Hold tight to it and keep on believing.

Mad Mary said...

Fantastic pictures Jak and if anyone deserves to have their dreams come true it's you! I do hope it happens for you.

Mary xx

Anonymous said...

Meg Strachan
Beautiful memories Jak and a dream to certainly to beleive in and which I beleive in my heart will come true for you.

sallysbitz2 said...

Looks lovely and peaceful Jak.

We all have dreams, that's what keeps us going.

I must tell you that quite a few years ago (not long after the lottery started), I had bought a lottery ticket. We did not have a shower then, so I was having my bath whilst hubby was checking the ticket as they was doing the draw. I could hear him getting more vocal & more excited. He then came running up the stairs, pushed the bathroom door open holding the ticket, saying we had 5 numbers. (a bit like Charlie and the chocolate factory) Lol.
To our disappointment, when I went to the shop to see how much we had won, it was £36 something.

How gutting was that.
I still dream that maybe one day it will be our turn Lol

I would definitely have my own craft room!

hugs sally x

Anonymous said...

Praying one of us wins...

Erica said...

I so enjoyed the telling of events of your childhood. Thanks for sharing these sweet memories. And, you know, you are blessed no matter what.

caroline said...

I think we all have simular sort of dreams, i have always wanted a house at the lake district that i have loved from being about 6. its for sale at the moment and every week i say if only i could win the lottery.

If only Jak, we can all keep hoping.

caroline x

3362Jan said...

Hi Jak. I really hope your dreams come true. Nobody can take them away, that's for sure. Stunning view.3362Jan

Jean said...

It's a lovely spot Jak. Wish I could make it happen for you.

June Nelson said...

Aw Jak how beatiful our coastline is stuning isnt it darlin, that countryside is fantastic!! you got me all emotional standing there just gazing , I can nearly feel how much youwould love that, bless you what a lovely post. huggies June xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lori m said...

Jak, I do hope you win the lotto, breath taking views and a feel of peace over comes one looking at the photos. Thank you for sharing them.

Hugs, Lori m

Viv said...

Beautiful memories Jak, I hope your dreams come true for you :) Viv xx

jennie p said...

looks like a fabulous place to live and i hope one day your dreams come true. memories are wonderful keep them safe xx