Friday 10 July 2009

Flippin' Christmas - Coming Soon

I just can't begin to tell you how excited I am to be releasing the new Flippin' Christmas Range of decoupage, not only do you get a decoupage sheet but you also get a FREE! yes I did say FREE! backing sheet.

Now when I say backing sheet I it has to be said tongue in cheek because quite honestly this is a piece of art in itself the attention to detail is amazing and as an extra bonus you get a verse too.

Methinks we at La Pashe are just spoiling you.

Below is one of the background sheets I thought I'd let you have a peek.

There are 4 new designs that will be released next week

To see more of our New Flippin' Christmas Range visit our design team blogs




Flippin' Christmas will be in craft shops next week, to find a stockist visit La Pashe

This is the Flippin'Christmas Peace

One of our Office Staff; Michael Reay asked if he could make up one of the cards, seeing as Michael has never made a card before I was intrigued to see how he would get on.

I think he did fabulous and it just goes to show that even the newest crafter can make a stunning card with our range.


Angela Mclean said...

LOVE the ruddi pub scene... hope to be able to buy soon - prefer online rather than trudging round the whole of the fylde to find.. so here's hoping..

pinky said...

Jak this is brilliant! I have nearly all of your sheets a few times over. Will definitely have to get these.

Durham Lass said...

Ho ho ho. A bit different to the boring lot out there.
Toilet humour seems to be a running theme. lol


Merry said...

These are terrific.

My'scardcorner said...

These look fun Jak cant wait to see them..Good Luck with the launch:0)

auscrafts said...

brilliant these are definatley must haves you've all excelled yourselves with this set

Mad Mary said...

Absolutely brilliant, can't wait to see the whole range Jak and well done to Michael for making a great card.

Mary x

Unknown said...

Woweee, I love them, I need them, I want them.....all my cards this year are going to be 'flippin' to get them soon they are amazing.....cant say enough lost for words...I know!!!!!just not right eh!

Ann xxx

Trimgym said...

Gorgeous, will have to look out for these.