Saturday 5 July 2008

Pergamano Pictures

I thought it would be nice to show you what got me back into craft after a break away from it when I was bringing up our children.
I never stopped the love of craft, but I had a family to rear and devoted my time to them, my youngest was a very demanding child who tended not to sleep, so, any spare time I had I would try to catch up on my sleep.
Then one day my Mam showed me a Pergamano card that someone had made for her and as quick as a flash I found myself saying "I could do that" it just blurted right out.
The next day my Mam went out and bought me some tools I found a picture in a magazine on childbirth which I loved and set to that night and so the picture below was born and once again I was back in the swing on things with crafting.

Another one but this time a Flapper Lady


Sue said...

Oh Jak, they are absolutely beautiful. My favourite is the the first one, what delicate work.

Jenny Burnett said...

Jak you make such beautiful cards. I especially love the first one. You give me so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing your lovely creations.
Love Jenny x

Chrissie said...

Just had to post a comment Jak as these took my breath away, they are absolutely beautiful.

Unknown said...

these are exquisite Jak - fabulous

Margaret A said...

Stunning work Jak. bet you're glad your mum showed you that card.

Unknown said...

That first picture is so alluring, very nice piece of work, you should be very satisfied with it.

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