Saturday 19 July 2008

Making Flowers with Dennison

This book belonged to a sewing Teacher for special needs Eveline Johnson who was a friend of my Mams sadly she passed away at the age of 99 years old in 2007 but before she died she gave this book to my Mam and in turn my Mam gave it to me knowing that it would interest me.
Having scoured through the book I decided to try to make the Oriental Poppy which I knew would be fun as I don't have any crepe paper and that is what the book is all about.

So anyway here is the result to my read, as you can see it worked out pretty good, I used red & black paper the only crepe paper I used was the gold center.I have to say it was very easy to make.

If you would like me to do a tutorial on this let me know in a comment & I'll set to work getting it done.


Anonymous said...

ohh yes please jak, and any others too. what a lovely present to give, it will always bring lovely memories wach time you look at it.

Ann Whitfield said...

This is beautiful Jak and yes please to the tutorial
Ann x

Anonymous said...

I agree with Carmel, a tutorial on this and any others that we could get wonderful ideas from would be more than welcome. I love this card.

PeeJay said...

Beautiful card and love the poppy. I'd appreciate a tut for it, that's for sure - lol!!

Heidi said...

Beautiful flower and card as always Jak! You are a true artist and I'd love to see a tutorial.

Joanne said...

A definite 'Yes please!' on the tutorial! Fabulous book to have - and presumably all without punches if it has 2/6 on the cover!
Love your card - the poppy is gorgeous. And I really like the backing paper you did.

Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous card Jak, and yes please to a tutorial, would love to know to how do them.

Margaret A said...

The flowers on the cover of the book all look sooo real. I don't have time to stop and make flowers right now, but I'm sure if there's a tutorial then I'll just have to make time. Thanks Jak.
Something spooky......the identification word that I have to put in is dad's initials were hmcp....and he did use the f word quite a lot. lol

Cazz said...

A tutorial would be lovely Jak, thank you xxx

beautiful card xxx

Pam Swadling said...

Beautiful card as always Jak, a tutorial would be great. thank you.


Anonymous said...

Just having a nose tonight and couldn't believe you have the same book as me. I have had the crepe paper flowers book since I was at school and it is sitting on the shelf in the front room. I made the orchids from the book when we did 'The Mikado' when I was at school. I had never thought about using it for cardmaking - I will have to have a go when I get out of hospital.
Sally R

Anonymous said...

Jaks, beautiful poppy and card. About the card, how did you make the thick black lines running through the background? Are they embossed?

I would love a tutorial on making the entire card!

Carol K.