Friday 18 July 2008

Dawn Chorus (the Birds- Alfred Hitchcock)

I do try to keep the birds fed but my word they were a little scary this morning, also feed the birds tuppence a bag has to be a joke as it costs a fortune.
Anyway I added a new fat ball as they had devoured the last one I put up and boy were they waiting for it, the cheeky devils were all around me squawking and shouting at me to get out of the way.
Then mayhem as they all tried to get to it first, fighting and dive bombing each other. Take a look at the second picture, I think he means business.


Anonymous said...

Great pics Jak they must of been so hungry and yes they can be vicious....Keep feeding them tho lol

PeeJay said...

What brilliant photo's. Who took them Jak, you or Chris? Whoever it was knows how to take a wildlife photograph - lol!!

Anonymous said...

wow fab photos hun, we feed the birds in our garden, well hubby does I don't like birds so I watch from indoors