Tuesday 21 October 2008

Just back from Visiting

We're are just back from visiting and the operation went well, although dad is still very poorly, which is only to be expected.
I feel much better knowing it is all done and we will have him back to his cantankerous self again soon.
I spoke to his nurse who is lovely and sh said it took a little longer than expected as he went to theatre at 9am but didn't come back till 12.55pm but since she has been pleased with him.
He was very sleepy still and we didn't disturb him as we thought at least while he's sleeping he is not feeling the pain.
I have managed a to get a card finished but light has beaten me so tomorrow I'll get that on here (fingers Crossed)


PeeJay said...

So glad the op went well Jak. It's a terrible worry but let's hope your Dad is soon back to his old cantankerous self - lol!! You make sure you look after yourself though. Can't have you falling ill.

Foxycrafts said...

This is really good news about your Dad, Jak. I am so pleased that the operation went well - I know what a worrying time it can be. I've been checking your blog on and off all day and am really pleased that the update is so positive. Take care and look after yourself, too. I hope that you, Mum and Dad all have a good night's sleep.

Love Joan xx

wintersparkle said...

glad to here that his op went well xx

Anonymous said...

Bet you are feeling a bit better Jak, knowing that your Dad is through the op and is doing well.
I hope he has a good night and a speedy recovery.
You look after yourself

Norma x

iReneM said...

It's good to hear your Dad has had his operation and all is well.
Wishing him a speedy recovery.
Take care Jak

Anonymous said...

Wishing your dad a speedy recovery Jak, and hope he is a lot more comfortable now.

Lavender Breeze said...

So glad for you all that the op is over now and your Dad can start recovering.


Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear that your Dad has had his op, at least he is now at the mending stage. Hope your mum is coping and that you are taking care of yourself too.
Jean xx

Anonymous said...

Pleased Dads op has gone well. Speedy recovery to him and hope mams test are ok
Hugs Jak
Luv Nena x

Unknown said...

Take a break Jak - you'll be done out by the time he's ready to go again.

Tis good news tho :)

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear that your father's operation went well, Jak, and that the hospital is pleased with his progress. I'm sure your mother and the family will rest a little easier knowing that all went well. I hope he now has a speedy recovery.


Budge said...

So glad your dads op went well Jak. And now he can start to recover. But you look after yourself or you will be ill.
take care.

Ann Whitfield said...

So gald to hear that all went well with your Dad Jak
Ann x

Paula's ponderings said...

Great new Jak, pleased to hear it, now its time for you to take a small break and rest a while ok??

Liz said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad Jak and do hope the operation goes well and that he is back home soon. Take care and thinking of you and your family. x

Lavender Rose said...

Hope you are able to relax a little more now Jak as you have had such a worrying time, wishing your dad a very speedy recovery, Denise x