Tuesday 14 October 2008

Flippin' Artist

This is Jim Harker our artist for La Pashe he is busy in this photograph working on the new images for Flippin' Men, we have a brain storming session when starting a new project and lots of laughing and enthusiasm thinking up new images and ideas often changing them along the way until we are completely happy.
I love to watch Jim work and to be honest it is rather magical thinking of images and watching them come to fully blown art work, Jim has a style which I love.

He once told me never to wash the paint palette as you may make a new colour from colours you have already blended I'm a bit hopeless on this front as I don't like to get my trays dirty and tend to wipe them clean as I'm going but when I see Jim painting and blending an array of colours I understand fully that I'm doing it wrong.

Below is a few palettes that Jim has been using whilst working on the Flippin' Men. You can see just how many colours he works with.


Budge said...

Jak that is so lovely to see the Artist behind the La Pashe at work.
Can understand what he is sayingabout the pallettes though but I am like you and clean them off when I do get to use them which isnt often.
Good Luck with this new range.

Sylv xx

Suzanne said...

Fabulous article - love seeing behind the scenes for anything crafting
Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work Jim

Anonymous said...

You're a genius Jim thanks for all the images - they are brilliant

Joycey xx

Louise Emma said...

Jim, you have a brilliant talent but I guess you already know that! Keep up the good work x

Anonymous said...

What fun your sessions with Jim sound Jak and love the new ideas you are playing with for mens cards

Jen's crafty bits said...

Your work is wonderful Jim, thanks for sharing it with us in this way :) Jenny M x

PeeJay said...

I love to see a master at work and it's great to know that they're just as messy as the rest of us - lol! I love your work Jim and I don't just mean the LaPashe. It would be good to see some more of your art.

Sue said...

It is great to see the artist behind the wonderful artwork, Jim has a wonderful talent.

What a great partnership you have.

Anonymous said...

That is fanastic and i do like it very much and he is great artist and keep up good work

Marie from Australia