Tuesday 21 October 2008

Dad - Update

I thought I'd better update on whats happening with my Dad, poor soul didn't get to theatre last night they are hoping he will be first down this morning.
The surgeon is going to replace half of his hip, the socket seems fine so he is going to add a new ball joint onto his existing bone, hoping that it will fuse nicely as he doesn't think pinning it would work.
I imagine he has had a terrible night but hopefully will be on the mend later today after his operation.

I has had very little sleep so I'm a bit groggy this morning and I know my Mam will be pretty much the same, Mam also has to go to hospital for more tests today and my brother is taking her.


Jackie said...

Oh Jak, I do hope they dont keep your Dad waiting around too long this morning and that the op is a success, and that he will soon be home again. lots of love to you and your family xxxx

Sue P. said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, Jak. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Lavender Rose said...

I am sorry to hear about your poor dad's accident Jak and have my fingers crossed he will have surgery as soon as possible. I hope your mum is doing OK, love Denise xxx

scotspanda said...

sorry to hear about your dad's fall! Hope he will get his op today and will be on the mend soonest


Amanda xx

Foxycrafts said...

Sorry to hear that they have kept your Dad waiting, Jak. Hopefully he will have had his op by now. I hope and pray that it is a success, and hope that all goes well at the hospital today for your Mum, too. Loving thoughts and hugs to you all. Look after yourself, Jak.

Love Joan xx

Anne said...

Sorry to hear your Dad wasn't operated on yesterday. Hope all goes well today and gentle hugs to you and your Mam. x

Veronica said...

Good luck with your Dad - its always worrying when parents are ill.


Vron xx

Chrissie said...

I do hope you get some good news about your Dad's op today Jak, and I'm sending love, hugs and good wishes to both him and your Mum.

Linda said...

Sorry to hear that your Dad didn't get his op last night, but hopefully he got it done today and is now on the road to recovery.

Hope your mam's trip to the hospital went well too.

Keeping you all in my thoughts.

Beryl K said...

Sorry your Dad didn't get is operation, I hope all goes well today, thinking of you and your family
Beryl x

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your dad, Jak, hope all has gone well for him today. Love to you and your family xx

Susie said...

Oh Dear, hope dad is ok hun and all goes well.

Also......I have given you the I love your blog award. Check out the details on my blog.


Susie x