Tuesday 10 June 2008

Scarey Day

Well I awoke on Monday 9th June to a very worrying thing, I had pains in my fingers on my right hand on the Sunday evening and by Monday morning I could not use my fingers at all (well OK I could but it caused extreme pain) I have been struggling for the last month or so with my Psoriatic Arthritis and it has now gone into my fingers, even the simple things like holding a fork is a nightmare.
Today has been a little easier if only for knowing what will hurt and not to do it, I have managed to make a card tonight and hopefully I will get it on here tomorrow so please bare with me.
Silly thing is I normally make at least one card a day to keep me sane, so, you may have to put up with me being a little loopy until I get this under control again ha ha ha.


Debs said...

That must be really scary, I know how you feel right now with my broken fingers, its awful and the pain is excrutiating. I know what you mean about the simplest of things being painful too.
I hope it sorts itself out soon Jak.

Chrissie said...

How frightening for you Jak, I do hope that your pain eases and you get back to normal very soon.

Toni said...

Oh ckrickey Jak hope you feel some use come back in your fingers real soon.

Liz said...

So sorry to hear about your problem Jak as I suffer from arthritis too and know how it feels on bad days when you cannot use your hands or fingers much for pain. Hope they feel better soon. Take care x

Sue said...

So sorry to hear that Jak, I really do hope the pain eases for you very soon.

Kevin Renz said...


I hope your pain is receding! Wishes from across the seas.