Thursday 12 June 2008

Remember When... Winners

And the 2 winners of the Remember When Series 2 are.............. (drum roll)

No 2
Jackie (Jazz) said...
Flour Mill? Iron Works? another industry... thats a better general guess LOL. Ma and another small child to make up the family? Hows many guesses am I allowed.? At the chippy on a Friday night? How about a Royale type setting? lol.. do you want me to carry on??
08 June 2008 06:14

and No 20
I think it will be one for the ladies . Ideas that come to mind cotton mill workers, mother mangling, land girls, old bathing machines/seaside, old-fashioned picnic, shopkeepers - bakers or ye olde sweet shoppe. Might even be children with old toys - tops, hoops etc.Well if it isn't - it probably will be in the future!Mags (Beas Nanny)
08 June 2008 14:50

Congratulations Jackie and Mags, ladies if you would like to email me with your address details I will be happy to forward you both a set of the new series decoupage, foam pads and double sided tape to complete your cards.

Thank you to everyone who took part.


Toni said...

Welldone Ladies

Debs said...

Oh wow, jealous or what?
Well done ladies

Jackie said...

OMG... Im speechless... yes .. me - speechless. How happy am I??? weyhey man.. well happy. ! LOL Thank you Jak, does that mean I get them before launch?? yippeee I won a prize... and what a prize. Thank you so much xx J xx