Sunday 21 October 2012

Poolside Light Show

Thursday evening was the light show and it had an amazing atmosphere, all of the tables were set by the poolside for evening dinner and entertainment.
Even some of the hotels guests were roped in to make the evening a success.
This is guests and entertainment staff doing their stuff.
Also a fire eater, better him than me in this heat.

After this fire eating flame blower was the dancers, very clever when you think it was a floating stage.
It went on into the early hours but we left it there, too old or just simply too tired to see it to the end.
And a new towel fold for today.


caroline said...

oh wow jak, you look like your having a great time, well i'm off to sherwood forest on monday with the family for 5 days if i come back tanned it will probably be rust of the rain, you are making me feel so envious. glad you are having a great time you deserved a well earned rest.

caroline x

Marion Burch said...

A Beautiful place to vacation, I just hope you are enjoying it a lot, and not having problems with your back.

Mary Roberson said...

Looks like such a great vacation!

Lori m said...

How fun this all looks and so very pretty. Just love the photos.

Hugs, Lori m

Sue said...

Looks like a fabulous place to visit Jak.Glad you are enjoying it.
Hugs x

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Jak looks awesome and glad to know that you are having a lovely time.

Linda xxx

Maryann Laursen said...

WAUW it looks awesome there. One can get all jealous, when I see all these great pics and watching out of the window here, it´s just pouring down here as always LOL.
So glad to hear, you´re having such a great time thoug and hopefully it´ll keep on all the time you´re there. Glad you´re having such a great time, and I hope, it´ll be like that all to the last minute. Just enjoy it there and have fun.

Sandra H said...

Wow!! thank you for sharing this looks well entertaining! what a lovely towel display too! x

tilly said...

looks like a fabulous night, glad I'm not dancing on a floating stage lol

Janette said...

Oh Jak you are having a fab time, thanks for sharing the pics.xx

jordiegirl said...

Lovely - good to see you are enjoying your holiday.

sallysbitz2 said...

Looks like you are having a fab time Jak x
Thanks for sharing x

hugs sally x

Val D said...

Hi Jak, talk about making people envious. It looks absolutely out of this world. Your towels well, I wouldnot want to use them, just sit and look at them. Hoping you are relaxing and getting that back well rested. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Well deserved.
x Val

Dona said...

Looks fabulous. Enjoy!

My'scardcorner said...

Looks like that was a great night Jak and that towel fold is so pretty with the flowers a shame to spoil what!! enjoy the rest of your holiday