Monday 29 October 2012

I’m Back

We are back, we had a little delay due to hurricane Sandy and having said that I am praying that my US friends are safe and well. Our last week had a big weather change due to this and we were told that it was A Perfect Storm scenario that was happening so fingers crossed that this hasn’t affected any of you.

I won’t bore you with all my holiday snaps but I did take some panoramic photos of where we were staying.

The first two are from our balcony


Isn’t it beautiful?


These two are from the side of our suite


The one below made me giggle as Chris decided to run around the back of me so he could be in the picture twice, he’s such fun to be with.


This was the walk to the pool.


And this one was one of the bars on the way to the pool.


The main pool, that bit in the middle with the white posts is a Jacuzzi


This is the walk leading up to the reception.


and a closer view.


Part of the reception from the pool walk


And the view from the reception desk.


All in all a beautiful place.

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Mad Mary said...

Beautiful pictures Jak and thank you so much for sharing them with us. Love the one with Chris and his twin in it lol. Glad you got home safe and sound.

Mary x

Jo Rice said...

It is good to have you home safe and sound Jak. Your photos are fab and it looks like Chris and you had a great time. X

Tammy said...

Welcome home! Hope all is well at your house! Fabulous pictures and giggled with the picture of two Chris's. Hurricane Sandy is just about to move into our area, so fingers crossed!

terrie said...

welcome back..glad you had a great trip...

Lorianna said...

Welcome back!!
So glad you had a great time!!


Linda Simpson said...

So glad that you arrived home safely Jak. Thank you for sharing your holiday photo's it looks fabulous. Fingers crossed that your US friends stay safe.

Linda xxx

Joyce said...

Welcome home Jak! I've kept wondering how you were and if the weather had affected your return home. Thanks for sharing your photos .. what a beautiful place! Hope all your friends stay safe xx

hollis58 said...

Glad you had a fab holiday and arrived back safely - beautiful pics x

Sandra H said...

Wow that looks amazing xx

Trish said...

Pleased you had such a fab time, Jak, but nice to have you back. Hope your health is a lot better for the rest.

heidy said...

Great pictures Jak and welcome home!!
XXX Heidy

Val D said...

Welcome home Jak, bit chillier here I think. Beautiful photos, I bet it was paradise. Back to reality now.
x Val

Mary Roberson said...

Just looking at those pics makes me salivate! I dream of the day I can go on a trip like glad you were able to do it JAK-you deserve it:) Neat trick Chris did implanting himself in the photo twice;)

Louise said...

Glad you've had a lovely holiday and you got back safely x

Lori m said...

Breath taking photos, the scenery is just gorgeous, so glad you had a great time.

Hugs, Lori m

Lady Anne Milnes-Howard said...

Welcome home and so pleased you got back before the perfect storm hit properly.
Thinking of all our American friends, please stay safe...
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Maryann Laursen said...

So good to have you back home sound and safe Jak. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time there and the pics really looks amazing. Wish everyone could feel that way too right now, but hopefuylly all will very soon get back to normal again and without too much damages to anybody anywhere. Nature is sure a tuff partner to deal with sometimes, and it´s almost impossible to imagine, that this paradise here can turn out to be a living hell on earth when the elements brake loose.
Thanks soo much for sharing these stunning pics here with us.

My'scardcorner said...

Looks like a beautiful place Jak and Im sure its done both you and Chris a world of good.

doreenj said...

Lovely photos, Jak, especially 2 x Chris!!!!

Glad you missed "Sandy", it seems to be horrific, just looking at it, what it is like to be there, doesn;t bear thinking about!!

Doreen x

ursula said...

Glad you are home safe and sound having had a wonderful holiday, we missed you...... luv Ursula XXXX

sallysbitz2 said...

Welcome back Jak. Looks like you had a fab time.
I know I always say "I enjoyed it, BUT I'm glad to be home".

hugs sally x

Janette said...

Nice to see you back and all is well....The storm is worrying , I think we all wish our friends abroad to stay safe and well Jak..xx

Wendy L said...

Great pics. Bet you are so gald you got back when you did.. xxxx

Loz said...

oooh, I wanna go there! :)