Wednesday 17 October 2012

From Manchester to Dominican Republic

Well I'm sitting here trying to get tired enough to go to sleep, we booked into the hotel on the airport, Etrop Grange and it is lovely, very plush, Chris is already fast asleep as we have to be up and at the airport by 06:15 am, hopefully no-one will talk to me until I'm awake.

It's a long flight eight hours so I,m planning once seat belts can be took off to try to move around a little to stop me from seizing up. I'll report back in once we land and are settled.



In Flight

We're on our way, we may look bright eyed and bushy tailed but its all show.

Fluffy white clouds and dirty windows, it was fun watching the ice crystals form on the windows in pretty patterns then melt away and start all over again into another pretty pattern
Dominican Republic
Oh my word, stepping off the plane into a wall of heat, I'm normally a cold bum, I sat with my coat on for most of the flight but the minute we stepped off the plane I/we, needed to get into swimwear.

On arriving at our hotel we were handed a fruity slush drink, heavens we needed that ice, first impressions is/was paradise, our room is amazing, it's enormous, the towel on the bed folded into a swan with tropical flowers adorning it, everything you need in the bathroom included in our stay, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, flannels, shower caps, hair dryer etc etc etc.

As you can see I am relaxing.

As you can see above today's towel was left in the form of a cobra, isn't it fun.


Living space has a mini bar fridge packed to the gills with bottled and canned drinks and a coffee filter for those all important wake up drinks, the bed is so big that we lost each other in it and we both lay like star fish all night ha,ha.

We had a brilliant nights sleep although we were both wide awake at 03:45 due to the time change.

We got up and got the coffee straight on and sat and chattered in our robes and slippers again provided by the hotel, by 06:00 there was a tropical shower outside which was quite refreshing and hopefully will clear the way to some tropical sun.

And the view outside our balcony at 06:30

Ok time for a meet and greet and to sort out some wifi so I can get this post made.

Be good

Jak & Chris from Paradise xxx



Dawn said...

Sounds idyllic Jak!
Dawn xx

Sue said...

Sounds just perfect. Enjoy.
Hugs xx

ribenaruby said...

Wow Jak, this must be paradise! Enjoy your time away, best wishes. Ruby x

Joyce said...

Looks lovely! Enjoy your holiday ... and thanks for keeping us in touch xx

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

Fabulous photos! jenx

terrie said...


Zosia said...

Sounds and looks out of this world. Enjoy it - you and Chris deserve it.

Tammy said...

Ya-hoo, so glad you arrived safe and sound and you are relaxing. I hope it only gets better!

Mad Mary said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures and hope you have a fantastic time. Love the towel folding!

Mary x

Wilma Knottenbelt said...

It looks absolutely amazing. Enjoy!!!

hollis58 said...

Don't worry to much about posting just relax and enjoy x

Gram's Treasures said...

Enjoy! Have yourselves a wonderful time!
Joyce xx

frannie_d said...

Have a BLAST!!! Sounds wonderful!

Lori m said...

Enjoy your holiday it looks heavenly!

Hugs, Lori m

Renee B. said...

Have a brilliant time in paradise!
Hugs, Renee

Pamela said...

Looks fabulous Jak, have a great time.

Pam x

christine pethers said...

Have a fantastic time .
Enjoy the heat .
I reckon the view out of that window will be fantastic in full daylight
love Chris

Maryann Laursen said...

Have a wonderful time there and enjoy the warm afgter the cold we have here up North LOL.
We just returned back after a month in the Southern US here last sunday and it was soo fun, cause I actually have a picture exactly looking like yours from the plane, taken out over the wing and the skyes ha ha ha. I could have sworn, it was my pic, you had used here, but it couldn´t be, so guess it all looks the same up there ha ha ha.
I hope, you´ll have just as good a time, as I´ve just had too. Please enjoy it.

tilly said...

it sounds perfect, enjoy the holiday

Janette said...

Oh Jak I could really use some of this, lucky girl, have a wonderful time.xx

Linda Simpson said...

WOW your room looks fantastic. I hope you and hubby have a fantastic time. Relax and enjoy.

Linda xxx

sallysbitz2 said...

Looks Gorgeous Jak, wish I was there x

Enjoy luv x

hugs sally x

Mary Roberson said...

Glad to hear things are going so well! Wish I were there, I love tropical/beach, etc. Looks like Paradise to me:)

Wendy H said...

Sounds beautiful, Jak. Have a great time. Wendy

Mau xx said...

Wow! you Lucky lady, Its looks great. Have a lovely holiday, stay safe.
Hugs Mau xx