Thursday 8 July 2010

Wacky Wheelz by La Pashe

From Boy Racers to Hot Wheel Grandpa's these are going to make card making life so easy, Just Passed, Anniversary, Husband , Son, Boyfriend, Uncle,Paramour, Toy Boy or Sugar Daddy, there will be a car that will fit every occasion.

Now I wouldn't mind being sent the Purple one, I think us girls could easily claim that one for a Just Passed occasion.

Click the image to see the rest in the range.

These will be in a craft shop near you very very soon.

Click here to find your nearest Stockist


My'scardcorner said...

Sounds good Jak the mauve one is fab the click didnt show me any others though Ill pop onto the sit and have a peek.

Mad Mary said...

The link didn't work for me either but went over to site to see them. Love them all Jak. Great fun!

Mary x

Pamela said...

They are great, will make wonderful male cards.
Pam x

Mags said...

you can have the purple one Jak - I shall go for the Ford popular - my very first car ! cost me £25 and I did it up a bit and sold it for £45 - those were the days!

Mags x

Marian said...

Gosh, these are fab! Think I may have to get them all!! The 2CV for me, the minor for my dad, the golf for my son, the VW for OH because he always used to have them......
Great stuff, Jak! Don't suppose you'll be doing any motorbike ones????
Mazfrance from JS forum