Thursday 22 July 2010

Appointment Update

Well I ended up blubbering like a baby when I saw the consultant, we got off on a bad footing as when I explained all the side effects he smiled and said that is was the normal!

NORMAL? for who?

Then he tried saying that he understood how I felt and knew what I was going through to which I ended up saying "I'm sorry but you have absolutely no idea how I am feeling and what it is like to live with it unless you have psoriasis yourself"

Well the upshot is I had a big decision to make on whether I go onto the biological drug with it's side effects or keep on trying other main stream drugs. I have after talking it through with Chris decided to ask him to request the funding to get me on the drug. In the mean time I will continue taking what I am now.


Sian said...

awwwww sending you big hugs

Lorne said...

Jak there is only one thing I can tell you is Take one day at a time. unless you get a doctor with psoriatic arthritis or fibromyalgia
or better both...... they will never understand in a million years.
Some of us do know what its like to bang your head agaist the door but it gets you nowhere so dont let it rule you, keep a smile in your heart and when things get bad look into your heart

Marge said...

Wow, Jak, after reading Maggie's comment, I think I'd recommend a dip in some good ole brine! Sure makes good pickles, I know! Ack, I'm so sorry for your misery. Wish I had a magic answer as it must be so frustrating!!!

Lynn said...

I really hope that this is the answer Jak and that you can have some respite from this awful condition. Intersting reading from Maggie, maybe you could have a salt water pool installed? It is strange though as when the boys had chicken pox I sat them for hours in a bath with lots of Bicarb in it. It did stop their itching, but I am sure your way past and need far more attention. I wish you all the luck Jak and hope that there is relief at the end of the tunnel.
Lynn xx

My'scardcorner said...

Hope things improve for you Jak
Have a good week end.

Anne said...

Big huuuuugggggssss Jak, hopefully you'll get the funding necessary and get some relief. xx

mckinkle said...

I hope the drug is available very quickly for you Jak.
Keryn x

Jackie said...

Big hugs Jak, sounds like you been right in the wars hun, hope that you get the funding and soon get the other drugs and that they do you some good, try to keep smiling.. xxx

tilly said...

I so hope that you get funding... what a night-mare to live with,, my prayers are with you
Love Tilly x

Ali Watson said...

Jak it never fails to amaze me how these doctors can sit there and say they understand what we go through. Keeping everything crossed for you. I'm here if you neeeda gab sweetie. Keep that chin up....mwah Hugs Ali x

Foxycrafts said...

Thinking of you, Jak, and hoping that you will get some relief soon.

Love Joan xx

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, Jak! I do hope you are able to receive the new drug and it successfully treats your condition or at the very least alleviates the cause to a greater degree!

AliceH (beemer)

carmel said...

jak. sorry to hear of all your troubles especially now as your career is so taking off..i hope you get the new drug and it works.this might seem silly but my mum has slight psoriasis but found that if she avoided yeast it stopped.and coming from up north I know we love our never know??is a long shot and I know probably not much help, but it alleviates a bit...?thinking of you.