Sunday 21 December 2008

Vintage Greeting Cards - A couple from my Collection

This postcard is soon to be 100 years old so I thought it was very apt so show this to you.
I collect old postcards and greeting cards preferably before 1930 although I do have a good few older than that in my collection.
So if anyone has any that they would like to donate to me I promise to give them a good home.

Postal date for this one is 24th December 1908 so it will be at least 100 years old on Christmas Eve this year.

This is a Birthday Card from 1909 the greeting on it is unusual as it says "on this your Natel Day"

I love it when the back of the card has a letter attached, as you can see the postmark is 19th March 1909 on this one.


Scrapping Julie said...

oh my goodness Jak. these are absolutely fabulous!!!

coldwaters2 said...

Love the cards Jak I love old things like that which is why I love Joanna's cds. Wishing you a merry Christmas and new year. I have left a few pressies on my blog although I am sure you already have them.
Love & Hugs
Lorraine x

Foxycrafts said...

Beautiful cards, Jak. Thanks for showing us.

Love Joan :o)