Wednesday 10 December 2008

Designer Fashion Card

Lets talk stick on toppers, anyone who knows me will also know that I don't do stick ons, anything that is ready made I struggle to call craft, I tend to like to work at my cards.
So today 9th of December is my Niece Amy's 20th Birthday and contrary to my two daughters she loves the designer clothes and definitely follow fashion.
However, I set to making her a card, then, I spotted something that oozed Amy's name at my place of work yep it was toppers. Not the normal type and not cheap either but very well put together and finished beautifully.

So I gave in counted to 10 and bought 2 lots of pre-made stick on toppers.
This one is in brown and gold the other set I bought is black and white.
I used a DL sized card and a slightly smaller piece of luxurious chocolate card and embossed it using the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder, I cut out the scalloped rectangle with the nestibilities die and mounted it all together tying a ribbon around the base of the chocolate card.
Lastly I placed the self adhesive toppers onto the card and said 3 Hail Mary's for my sins.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jak -- I love all the cards you make and as usual I love this latest one. Although you have used mountable peel-offs you have still used your design skills to put it together. I'm sure your niece will ove it.

Carole x

Anonymous said...

An Act of Contition and a decade of the Rosary!!!!!
There I forgive you, cos its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!
She will love it

PeeJay said...

It is beautiful Jak and reckon that there's enough of your input to forgive you this mortal sin and the toppers do look rather luxurious - lol! I'm with you though - ready made stick ons just ain't craftin' - hehe!!

Justine said...

I agree about the ready made stuff, although they look fab, I think it's a bit of a cheat too! Having said that though, the finished card looks fantastic and I'm sure your niece will love it Jak!

Rita said...

Wow, Jak ,I reckon you may just be the most favourite auntie with this card. It is stunning to say the least. I have never ever have seen toppers like those anywhere. Hugs Rita xx

Liz said...

Lovely card Jak and just this once I am sure you are forgiven. I have been so unwell these past 3 months that I have sinned with toppers on my Christmas cards. Hope I am forgiven too!

Beryl K said...

It's a gorgeous card Jak, you haven't 'just stuck a topper on' you've made a wonderful card the design is just as important - in some cases more so - than what you put on it. Yoiur niece will love it
Beryl x

Anonymous said...

Topper or not the card is fab and those toppers do look rather special Im sure your "with it "niece will love it

Toni said...

Its a fab card
LOL your forgiven we all need to do it sometimes:-) hope she loves her card

Foxycrafts said...

Very effective, Jak. Love the colours.

Love Joan :o)