Monday 29 December 2008

Stamped Poppy Card

Ruffled Poppy stamp from the Remember stamp set by PTI I stamped the image in plain old black ink then added tiny black gems to the poppy the gems are really made for nail art but hey they are great for hand made cards (don't you think?)
I used a pre pattered A4 card for the base card cut down and folded.
Layered the image on black and silver card then tied a ribbon around the middle of the card before added the stamped image.
I finished by stamping the words "for being a friend" and using a word slot punch to punch out the shape then added it to the card with foam pads.
"Well I couldn't let the year end without doing one more Poppy card"


Anonymous said...

It's nice Jak but a bit samey. How about you try a different shaped card, lose the ribbon. Try and be a bit more creative. Good effort though.

Jak Heath said...

lol now there's a comment without a name.

Anonymous said...

Its fabulous Jak, wish my cards were like yours :)

Sheila - Ginger said...

Beautiful card Jak as always....'anonymous' must be very jealous of your talent, that's all I can say!

Love Sheila x

PeeJay said...

It's a beautiful card Jak and is of your current style. Anonymous (not brave enough to leave a name) obviously doesn't know quite what you are capable of so would suggest they go take a look at your site as well - - then perhaps they will be 'man enough' to apologise.

Cazz said...

Well said Peejay xxx I love all your cards Jak and don't think they are "samey" at all. That is your unique style and your choice to make them that way. the "anonymous" person has a choice too - whether to look at your site or not. xx

Anonymous said...

As a fellow designer and card person - I do get a lot of fun looking at Jak's cards - this is is very elegant, love the restraint of monochrome -

Joanna Sheen

Anonymous said...

I think its classy Jak :0)
would love to see anonymous work

Anonymous said...

''creativity - The process of developing new, uncommon, or unique ideas.''

....someone is obviously having a joke...Ha Ha....they must be joking!

...coz you are one of the most creative card makers I know!!!

Obviously a little jealous methinks!


Anonymous said...

How about we have a look at your cards anonymous then we see how creative YOU are !! Jak your cards are fabulous and VERY creative .

Jan M

Anonymous said...

Love the card Jak. Don't get upset about the comment wish I was as creative.

Maz said...

I also think this is the same as most of your work... STUNNING !!!!

I only wish I could make cards like these, even the ones you make on 'Bad days'

Keep up the great work, you certainly inspire me

Karen said...

Stunning Jak ! You are an inspiration to all cardmakers and I can only imagine that "anonymus" is jealous of your talent.

Love Karen xxx

Anonymous said...

I love this card, don't know how you could be any more creative than you already are. You are an inspiration to me.


Beryl said...

Another fabulous card Jak. It's so elegant and I just love black and white.
Beryl xx

Anonymous said...

another card to inspire us less imaganitive crafters. I love your ribbons, they always look as though they belong to the card and are not an afterthought adornment.
Linsey (Lou)

Anonymous said...

I don't normally leave comments on blogs (too old for that sort of thing) but your work is truly inspirational. You have inspired me to spend a lot of money on stamps, pads, punches, colouring medium, paper, ribbon and card.

If I had half the talent you have I would count myself blessed. I look forward daily to seeing your latest creation.

Sheila W

Anonymous said...

Fantastic yet again Jak. I love your style and just wish I could carry it off myself.


Anonymous said...

Think annonymous must be from another planet!! No wonder they didn't put a name to their comment. I just wish I could design cards as beautiful as yours Jak. I look at your blog most days, and always find it inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Jenny C

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes Jak! Thats all it can be as this is yet another example of your fabulous work. I love the monochrome effect. Well done. Viv xx

Anonymous said...

real classey card, love it
i would love to be able to make cards that good

sylvi x

Anonymous said...

jak i love this card as do i all your work. i gain inspiration from what you do so keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

Another fabulous card Jak, just wish i was half as creative as you, as far as anonymous is concerned, well i would love to see her/his work

Norma x

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that the first comment was posted anonymously says it all. Cowardly and envious are just two of the adjectives that spring to mind.

Love the card Jak and you are probably the most imaginative and creative person I know,

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

I feel compelled to write a comment on here. Some, and I mean some, like to remain annonymous so that they can put not nice things on people's blogs. I've had it happen with my own.

I certainly would like the annonymous person on here to be open so that we can see their creations and see where we are going wrong!!! Needless to say I don't think they'd do this as they'd realise Jak is a credit to the wonderful crafting profession and there are many, many crafters that constantly look at her blog to gain inspiration for their own cards.

If Jak needs to be more creative I don't think there's much hope for me then!!! Keep up the excellent work Jak. Those that appreciate your work will continue to follow you.


Anonymous said...

well done all you crafters for your positive comments hope the anonymous reads them and has the grace to feel ashamed .your work is fab Jak and its lovely that you share it all with usfor free. thankyou.Pat x

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful card Jak,I love it, love the colour, love the style, love the ribbon, love all of it.
Some wee jealous creep I think, perhaps you won something they were hankering after perhaps!
Take no notice Jak, keep up the good work hun.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card Jak.As are all your cards.You are an inspiration to many of us crafters and i would just ignore the comment and put it down to jealousy.
Love Janeygrey xxxxx

Anne said...

Another stunner Jak. Keep your wonderful designs and inspiration coming. Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss Anonymous needs a reality check. :)

Anonymous said...

another beautiful card jak just ignore them they are just jelouse of your talents i dont post very often but 1st thing i do when i log on is have a look to see what you've made next
i think whoever posted the comment is just a coward and too scared to show what they can do keep up the good work jak your an A+++++++++++++ designer in my book

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card as usual Jak. Ignore the comment by anonymous - she doesnt seem to know the meaning of creative!


Anonymous said...

Your card is elegant and I for one would be proud to receive a card like this.

These words spring to mind, which I was taught as a child - "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all".

I hope you continue making your beautiful cards Jak, I love to see them.

Pammi xx

Anonymous said...

Nah - lousy card Jak - hate it. Terrible layout, rotten stamping, not at all creative............. I can make far better cards than that with my eyes closed!

Yup - and then I woke up!!!!!!!!! Jak, the card is as stunningly beautiful as all your cards are. I don't think you could make a bad card if your tried.

You are an inspiration to us all! I wish I was half as creative as you are.

Love CarolPG xxx

Anonymous said...

another fantastic card Jak, I look at your blog most days but don't leave comments, but I don't think i've ever seen a card that I don't like of yours.

Keep up the inspiration

Love Kaz xx

Anonymous said...

A touch of the green eyed monster I think from anonymous. The card is fabulous as are all your cards Jak, I wish I had half your talent.


Anonymous said...

It is absolutely gorgeous Jak.. Take no notice of the 1 negative and listen to the 30+ postive!!!

TFS xx

Love & huggles
Mandie xxx

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Love monochrome cards and always love your style! Don't let that petty comment spoil your enjoyment or love of crafting! Thanks for you lovely comment yesterday!

Anonymous said...

"SUPERB".....what more can l say....luv Dimps xxxx

Anonymous said...

Always, always love the elegance and sophistication of your style Jak and this card is no exception. It's just beautiful.

Keep up the lovely work, I need the inspiration!

Nancy W

Anonymous said...

If this anonymous person thinks yours are samey, they want to see my cards, they are lovely, but I just make decoupage cards. Some people are just envious of others.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous Jak, i love it. Wish my cards could look as good as yours.


Anonymous said...

if anonymous is right i've no chance so would anyone want to buy my craft room and stash ? lol jak i love your work .
christine x

Anonymous said...

if anonymous is right i've no chance so would anyone want to buy my craft room and stash ? lol jak i love your work .
christine x

Anonymous said...

Well I admire your cards, and would go as far as to say you are one of the most creative card makers I know. Not commented before but always look at your Blog, but this really does need a comment. I bet sour puss is just trying to cause trouble. Take no notice.


Unknown said...

Well Jak I think you have more than your fair share of creativity !! Your cards are always an inspiration and I love to see the different techniques you use - take no notice of the anonymous comment and keep up the good work

Shirley x.

Anonymous said...

I love all your cards Jak ...
Lizx (mermaidx)

Anonymous said...

I look at your blog on a regular basis and I have to say there is nothing whatsoever "samey" about your cards. Even with cards using the same stamp they always look unique. Constructive criticism is welcome by all crafters, but it seems anonymous is just jealous.

Please don't doubt yourself, and continue to be a creative inspirations to the rest of us mere mortals.

Ozcatbug xx

Louise Emma said...

Doncha just love it when u get nasty remarks on your blog Jak?, it's not nice and it shouldn't happen. Whoever you are If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything' I think the card is lovely and classy and this person obviously has no taste x

Unknown said...

I don't always comment Jak, but I visit on my blog hop almost daily. Your cards are a true inspiration. And this card is stunning as always and there is definately nothing 'samey' about any of them. Joanne x

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! Am I missing something here?

I read, re-read and re-read the original comment and can't see where it would cause offense! I actually think I can see what the poster meant....having looked at other cards you have on another is a bit "samey" and you do tend to use ribbon in the same way...even knotting it the same way and have it almost in the same place on the cards. Maybe that's what they meant?

Taking this card individually.....well I personally think that the ribbon is surplus to requirements as it detracts from the poppy and looks wrong (to my eye) against a busy paper.

May I also add, No! I didn't make the original post and do not normally read these blog things but felt strongly about this when it was brought to my attention so came to see what all the fuss is about!

Note to all your Joanna Sheen forum friends....
All opinions are surely made on a personal level, we all have different tastes after all. All opinion is valid....just may have a different point of view.

This seems to me to be yet again a classic example of over reaction by people reading into things!

Please remember that these blogs contain only words and are void of emotion and the intonation of speech, it is impossible to gauge the way in which the words are meant and can be taken the wrong way because of it....anyone can see hostility where none was intended in the written word if they choose to!

Finally....not having a blog myself perhaps someone can explain something to me......why anyone would show cards in public, invite comment; if you only want "darling it's wonderful" type of things left from your friends!
I thought criticisim was a main part of blogging and showing your work?

Criticism can be good or bad but can never be allowed to be selective! It would defeat the objective.


Jak Heath said...

If I only wanted nice comments I would of course have deleted the said comment. As it is I left it there, I think constructive criticism is healthy, when it is not constructive then it is neither healthy or nice to receive.
As it is every one has a style of there own as a trade mark, some are ribbons some is a certain shaped card some are a pattern etc...
Creativity is another pointer. To say I should be more creative makes you think that this person has seen all that I do. I think not.

However it takes diferent thoughts and ideas to make a world and I am more than happy to take on board that thought.

Thank you for your lengthy reply Julia it made interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jak,

Thank you for your reply and for taking my post in the spirit it was meant, that of genuine concern.

Sadly, and all too often I have seen people attacked for what others think was said and not what was actually said or meant.
It seems to be happening more and more and so many people have been hurt and upset by a simple misunderstanding and usage in haste; of an ill chosen word.

Perhaps this should be taken as a lesson to all, that the written word on the Internet can often be misinterpreted by those who do not know us and perhaps we should take a little more time when we post and think about what we are writing.

I like a lot of what I have seen of your work Jak....I like this one except for the ribbon! ha ha ha! Again this is my own personal view and clearly it's a minority one.

Thank you again for your reply and allowing me to write such long posts! (Can you tell I've never done this before!? ha ha ha!)

Happy 2009 to you!


Anonymous said...

yet again this anonymous person has achieved what they set out to do.....put a cat among the pidgeons. Jak you know who left you that comment even if they didn't have the courage to own up!! Personally I think we should ignore this and any other comments that they may leave as we know their tone and SAME style of comment.
Well that's my 2p's worth.
I love the monochrome and as you know I love Poppies, great card as usual

Foxycrafts said...

Another stunning card, Jak. I love the monochrome. The whole card is just perfect.

Love Joan :o)