Wednesday 31 December 2008

My New Toy

After deliberating and stewing over buying this I can now confirm that I love it.

You know the problem of going to work in the dark mornings and returning home when it is dark and needing to take a picture of a card in the daylight mostly by balancing the card on the windowsil and praying that the sun (if any) won't cast shadows.

Well that was the problem I faced most days. I bought a soft box well actually 2 one with lights but then the problem was where to keep it and then the studio lights were enourmous so where the heck are you supposed to put them when they aren't in use? I ended up taking one of the soft boxes to work to use on photography there & the other was made redudant along with the lights stashed away in the loft.

So I needed something compact that would solve my lighting problems and I found it, it wasn't cheap so I had to save up my pennies and put some Christmas money towards it.

So What is it?

This shot of my new toy is took with the lights off and the door closed, I mainly take shots with the door open, as you can see it is small, it's height inside is roughly the height of a bottle of plonk (wine) and its width inside is roughly 8inches.

With a card inside ready to take a photograph

there is 2 sets of CC lights at either side at the front and a blue spot light to take shots of glitter and bling.

With all of the lights on, this was not a close up shot I cut the image down but it shows just how bright the box is.

Where to buy or get more information:


Louise Emma said...

Nifty little gadget you have now!!!

Brocéliane said...


Anonymous said...

FAB idea Jak - Do you have a link for more info??


Val said...

Hi Jak - this looks really nifty - I would be interested in the link for more info as well.


Jak Heath said...

the link for the Light box is
Hope this helps.

Foxycrafts said...

What a fantastic gadget, Jak.

Love Joan :o)