Tuesday 30 December 2008

My Christmas Vintage Postcard Collection

I thought I would show you the Christmas selection of my vintage postcards.
Up until lately they have been kept safe in a box, my Daughter bought me an album so that I could put them in date order, the first that you see below with the heart on is stamped and dated as 1902


PeeJay said...

There are some really beautiful cards there Jak. I can see how your 'vintage' period came about. I always thought of you as the vintage lady until you changed style and showed us all your versatility.

Anonymous said...


I do hope that your album is acid free - as it would be such a shame to have them spoilt - I know how photos can be ruined .


Jak Heath said...

I wouldn't have it any other way Barbara, I also scrapbook.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, all of them

Norma x

sheffsue said...

They are all gorgeous Jak...and a real treasure trove.

Sue x

Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful, Jak, a real treasure. You must be so proud to be their custodian. I just love vintage.
Alice (beemer)

Foxycrafts said...

Wow - some great examples here. Thanks for showing them to us, Jak.

Love Joan :o)