Wednesday 5 November 2008

Dads Funeral

I'm not sure where to start with this so please forgive me if I forget something.
It was a truly beautiful sight, the horse drawn hearse pulled up at Mam and Dads house and yes I know we are supposed to stay inside untill we are ready to leave but I couldn't.
I felt an overwhelming warm feeling of pride for my Dad when I saw it, I just had to open the door.
Dad would have been elated.

This is a picture of the brass name plate, we had a horse and Jockey etched as he loved a wee flutter.

I don't know how I got through but I stood up in church and read out a tribute to my Dad which I had wrote.

I am adding it here so you can know a little bit more about the Man he was.

My Dad

My Dad, known to his friends and family as Jack made me who I am
today, he gave me love and inspiration in all that I have ever

I often found myself saying that Dad had no TACT he was a
plain talker who was quick to say what he thought and if you were easily
offended then you shouldn’t visit him.
Yet this straight talking would really
make me giggle as I found it so funny, none of it was said with malice and in
fact if Dad thought for one moment that he had offended or hurt anyone he would
be upset.
He had a heart the size of a bin lid and a true Pitman’s humour.

In Dads later years he would get
so frustrated at not being able to manage to do the things that once came easy
to him yet this wouldn’t stop him trying.

I remember visiting only
to find him doing some woodwork in the front living room whilst Mam was resting
I gasped in disbelief at the wood shavings as far as the eye could
see and saying “you will be in trouble when Mam see’s this”
His reply was
simple, saying “
but it’s freezing

Another time Dad brought something inside
that he needed to cut. Carefully using a Stanley knife he cut not only the job
that he was working on but he also cut through the living room
Once again in trouble with Mam
But for all of
this we loved him and he always got away with it, luckily my Mam always saw the
funny side.

I am going to miss my Dad dreadfully, the laughs the
tears and the larger than life character who was not only a Father but also a
dear friend.

So through all of my tears I will still smile when I
think of him and feel proud that I was a big part in his life.


Anonymous said...

Jak its a beauiful tribute, I'm glad you were able to give it. Remember your Dad with a smile.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures Jak your Dad would surely of been proud and proud of you by the sound of your reading .It must of been a very mixed feelings day but glad it went Ok for you all.Myrax

iReneM said...

I can't say anymore than -
'That was lovely Jak'


Budge said...

Jak that was a beautiful Tribute you stood up and said about your Dad it had me in tears. The pics are lovely there is nothing better than a Horse drawn Hearse.thank you for sharing these private and touching moments with us your Dad looked a lovely man.
Look after yourself.
sylv xx

EmmaH said...

Jak, I am sure your sad will have been smiling with pride. The carriage was lovely for him, and your reading was perfect. Take comfort in this, over the coming days and weeks. Love EmmaH (imag-e-nation)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful words Jak, you did him proud and I bet he was smiling down on you as you recalled those tales.
The horse drawn hearse really must have been a wonderful sight - I'm so pleased that your day went as well as can be expected.


Sue said...

Well done Jak on managing to present such a wonderful tribute to your dad. He would have been proud of you.

Sue H

Foxycrafts said...

Oh Jak. What beautiful tributes to your darling Dad; your reading and the horse drawn hearse. I am sure that he will have been beaming down at you all, feeling so very proud of you. I'm glad that the day went well, and thank you so much for letting us share it with you.

Keep strong, but whenever you feel like crying, just let it come. It will do you good.

Thanks again, Jak for letting us share this. God bless you and all of your family.

Love Joan xx

Lavender Rose said...

Thanks for sharing your precious memories and photos Jak, what a wonderful tribute. Your words took me back to when my parents were still with us and even though in poor health and partially sighted dad would still try and do his woodwork and DIY too much to mum's frustration as he could barely see and he would inevitably make things worse. So thanks for reminding me of that too Jak :)

Julie Allain said...

Such beautiful photos and truly beautiful tribute (((hugs))) xx

Cazz said...

Your words bought tears to my eyes Jak, but only because they were so beautiful and a fitting tribute to your very dear dad xxxx

I don't understand why you felt you should stay inside so can't comment on that but you were right to feel that sense of pride when you saw the carriage - it looks very fitting and a truly fitting carriage for your dads final journey xxx

Anonymous said...

Jak, what beautiful pictures and i loved seeing them and your reading was perfect. Thank you for sharing such a private day with us. Your dad would have been so proud.


Anonymous said...

Your words are wonderful Jak and give a true picture, not only of your dad, but of the love you all shared.
The hearse and the horses are beautiful and the flowers elegant. You certainly did your dad proud.

Veronica said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful words - He would have been so proud of you.


Vron xxx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful tribute to your Dad
Remember he lives in the heart of those who loved him.

Anonymous said...

Jak, the photos are beautiful as is your words,its quite obvious how much you loved your Dad and how proud you are of him.
Bet he is smiling down on you now and feeling proud of his daughter and family

Norma x

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your Dad was looking down on you and having a laugh at your reminisces of his mishaps. It was a lovely carriage and I'm sure he would have been pleased with his send off.

Sheila - Ginger said...

Oh Jak what a beautiful tribute to your dear both words and photos.
Take care
Sheila x

Pam Swadling said...

Jak, this is a truly wonderful tribute to your Dad. I feel honoured that you shared it with us. Well done for managing to stand up in Church - he would have been so proud of you. In fact I'd like to think he was there with you giving you the strength you needed to get through it.


Chrissie said...

A wonderful tribute Jak, so glad you managed to get through it OK. Thank you for sharing this with us. My love to you and your family.

Ann Whitfield said...

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful tribute Jak. Thank you for sharing this with us
Ann x

Anonymous said...

Jak your Dad would have been proud that his daughter stood in front of everyone and said those words,bless you for being so strong,will be thinking of you over the next few weeks it will be hard for you all without him. Pat

Bev said...

Jak what beautiful pictures. And your tribute was lovely, I had tears in my eyes. your dad would have been so proud of you today.
tc you and all your family.

Linda said...

I am sure your dad was looking down with pride at your tribute to him.

Thanks for sharing it with us. Think of you all at this sad time.

PeeJay said...


Joy said...

Very moving, well done Jak, your Dad must be so proud of you.

Unknown said...

Jak, a beautiful tribute, to a man who obviously brought a lot of love into your life, the photographs of his final journey are just so lovely. I bet he was looking down with pride.

You did him proud....

Take care
Carol x

rhomin said...

Simply beautiful.
You did him proud love.

Anonymous said...

your dad would have been really pleased with the carriage and horses, it was magnificent.the need to go outside to greet your dad was normal, dont worry about it.the reading was lovey and it has brought tears to my eyes, what a lovely way to say so long dad.
have faith now and love to your mam. x

PixieHouse Creations said...

A wonderful tribute to a wonderful man...your dad..He would of been so proud of you today Jak well done
your words about your dad are soo true are dads mean/meant so much to us all
Thank you for sharing this with us today Jak ..My thoughts are with you,today,tomorow and as long as you need them
Wendy xx

sheffsue said...

It's beautiful gave him a real good send off.

Sue x

Mary I said...

Jak, I'm sure your Dad was smiling down on you and your family, proud of such a regal send off.

I can only imagine what you're feeling right now, but please know that there are many of us who are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

Shell Shearer Swinscoe said...

Perfect xx

Cally said...

Beautiful words Jak.

Unknown said...

A beautiful tribute to your dad, Jak, he would have been proud xxx

Anonymous said...

you sent him to glory in style
take care of yourself and your mum
love to all of you xx

Anonymous said...

The feelings from your tribute say it all Jak! I had tears streaming down my face at your so genuinely heartfelt tribute. Your dad would be so so proud!!
hugs Jue xxx

Mags said...

that is so beautiful Jak. Thank you for sharing with us.

You did him proud lass.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words Jak and wonderful pictures im so glad you have taken these pictures as i know you will always treasure them and your memories of your dad ...a wonderful send off ..Thank you for sharing with us
Take care
Lizx xx

Anonymous said...

truly wonderful jak

tracie, worcs,uk

Jennifer said...

Dear Jak, your whole presentation of your Father's memorial is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing this very special part of your life with us. I am so sorry for your loss. My husband lost his Dad last year. It's so hard, especially when your Dad was a wonderful Dad, like yours!
jennifer L.

Anonymous said...

Your words are so touching because they are real, not flowery. Sounds like your Dad didn't call a spade a shovel.
Those horses and that carriage are magnificent.
Keep your chin up girl.
Big hugs,

Clare said...

I think you were really brave to say such a lovely tribute in front of everyone without losing composure. It was wonderful. Everything you said rings true with my dad too. I am thinking of you. Look after yourself and family. Take care, hugs Clare x

Anonymous said...

Jak you did your Dad proud, you really did......
The photos are beautiful.

Barbara said...

A perfect send-off for your wonderful dad.

IamDerby said...

I am so sorry. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man. What a beautiful tribute you gave to him.

Etha said...

what a beautiful tribute! I'm sorry for your loss, I can only say it won't get easier, but you can still talk to him whenever you want. I know I talk to my dad, he died November 28 some 3 years ago....
Big hugs, I hope "da guys" are having some fun up there, I can hear them laughing :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this with us Jak. It made me weep, what a wonderful send off you gave your Dad.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful send off, well done.

Beryl K said...

Beautiful trubute Jak
Beryl x

Unknown said...

I am sure your Dad would have been so very proud of the send off you gave him. A wonderful tribute.

Shirley x

Anonymous said...

Jak such a beautiful and dignified presentation of your dads funeral thank you for sharing this very personal moment with us.
Your tribute sounded very fitting and must have taken all your inner strength to read it out,he will be very proud of you and your family for such a
beautiful send off.
Love to you and your family
and take strength from each other over the coming weeks.
Gwen x

Paula's ponderings said...

The pride and love you had for your dad has come shining through. You did him and your mam, and the whole family proud lady!

KraftyKoolKat said...

This is a beautiful reading Jak, he would have been so proud of you. My thoughts were with you. Cathy xxx

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog Jak, for the last month or so and am very sorry about your dad. What wonderful photos you have though, and I am sure your dad would have been so proud of you for having the courage to stand up at his funeral and read out your tribute to him. (I know how hard it is to do as I did the same at MY dad's funeral) Your dad sounds like a real character and I feel priviledged that you have shared all of this with everyone. Thank you.
Claire Cummings, Australia

Pam said...

Jak, this was an absolutely beautiful tribute to your Dad and I know he has a big smile now!!!


Anonymous said...

beautiful tribute to your dad so pleased you decided to show it on your blog

Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute to your Dad and lovely photo's. I am so pleased to decided to share this moment on your blog.
Take care
Love Christine xx

syy said...

Thank you Jak for sharing these with us. I found both your tribute and pictures very moving.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Your words are a wonderful tribute to your Dad & the photos are great. Hugs to you & your family. Kirsten.

Jackie said...

although heard the carpet story direct from you I still had to have another giggle when I read it hear, and love the bit about the wood shavings too. lovely tribute, and Im sure you have many many more memories of your Dad that you and the family can share and have a right good laugh over... Thank you for sharing this with us. beautiful xx

Hazel (Didos) said...

What a lovely tribute to your Dad, Im sure he was listening to you. Thinking of you as just going throught similar with my Grandad passing in September. Our comfort was 160 folk at the Funeral. Not bad as he was a week off being 88. Take care of yourself and your family at this hard time God Bless Hazel xox

Anonymous said...

Your poem made me laugh, the poem your mum chose is one I love-it is filled with love, the pictures made me feel proud too-even though I don't know you.I am glad you showed them and touched you were able to share this terrible time with others. Your special Dad and the amazing love your family have for one another is now known to us all. God bless you all-I am thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Im so sorry for your loss, from what Ive read he was an amazing man. Peace be with you and yours. Hugs!

ps: The photos are beautiful!