Wednesday 17 June 2020

Pin Cushion with a difference

When it comes to pin cushions and sewing we all love something a bit different right?
I started making this with no idea where it would take me but I've falling in love with it.

Isn't it just cute? you would think in theory that the smaller the item the less time it would take... but you would be very wrong.

The thing with needle felting is that the smaller the item the more likely you are to stab your fingers haha! so slow and steady wins the race.

So on a little hill lives a little fairy in her little toadstool house with a cobbled pathway leading to her front door.

now to make another.


Laurian said...

How adorable is that, great job Jak, love it! x

Sandra H said...

Wow how adorable is this just love it x

Unknown said...

This is so cute, I love it. x