Tuesday 9 June 2020

Wolf Needle Felting Finished Piece

Hours and hours of work goes into needle felting pieces and lots and lots of stabbing of fingers, this wolf is exactly that.
Iiiii've shown a little bit of the building of him in my previous posts but he needed a pelt to finish him.

It all starts with a piece of pre-felt, not to be mistaken for felt for sewing as this has a much looser weave enabling you to fray and felt.

Building layers of coloured top coat on top of the felt.
then tacking it down by stabbing it with the needles.

Placing it on top of the model and stabbing it further until it is in place, of course it needs a bit finessing to get rid of those stabbing dimples but you get the picture.

Attention to detail so I flipped him over to give him some paw pads.
Ta Dah!

He is done and I love him.

I think he is definitely the Alpha Male of the pack.

I named him Storm.

I think he has character 

1 comment:

Laurian said...

Oh Wow Jak, so pleased to see this guy finished he's awesome, oodles of character and one to treasure for sure! xxx