Tuesday 2 June 2020

Wolf in clothing - Needle Felting

Not quite a wolf in sheeps clothing but bit by bit my needle felted wolf is getting to where I want it. As I write this you can't see my dining table for wool haha!

Now you may be forgiven to thinking he has a pair of shorts on but the weather has been glorious here.
No seriously when blended it will all work out.

He's a big project and I will try to do a size comparison later. Bit by bit he is coming together, lots of colours lots of blending and not going at this one 24/7, walking away from it and gradually getting the desired shape.

As you can see I need to sort out the line of colour next to his nose as it looks like a ridge at the moment but I will go back to that later.


Laurian said...

That looks an amazing project Jak and I'm sure he will be amazing when finished. It's great to see him in stages as you make him and it shows the amount of work it takes!
Thanks for sharing!

Penny said...

Truly amazing Jak love it xx